10 sexy phrases to send to your boyfriend

10 sexy phrases to send to your boyfriend

With these sensual phrases you will surprise your partner

Nowadays, we talk so much on the mobile that many times even the most intimate things end up being expressed through this means. Spicy messages can help us to seduce our partner like never before since the flame of passion is never missing. However, it is normal that, sometimes, inspiration plays a trick on us and that we are not able to find the right words . But, don’t worry because at Diario Femenino we come to your aid and offer you some sexy phrases to send to your boyfriend. 

What hot phrases are you going to send your boy? It’s simple, let your imagination fly and grab your mobile phone. This is all you need to get your man 100 ready and ready for you.

The 10 sexy phrases to send to your boy 

Take note of these 10 very sensual phrases with which you will be able to surprise your partner. Now you just have to decide when you are going to send them.

1 Today I bought sexy lingerie because I couldn’t help thinking about you

Who wouldn’t go crazy if they found a message on their mobile with the word lingerie? A guaranteed 10 when you can finally see each other and enjoy a night of passion . If you want to be a little more graphic and excite your boyfriend even more, you can send him a photo showing him your new sexy uniform.

You can place the spicy outfit on the bed to take a picture or you can try it on to get an idea of ​​how it looks on you. But, be careful with how you take the photo and who you send it to , especially if you can be recognized in the image, because you never know the repercussions it may have.

2 Last night you were very sexy in that shirt

We like it when they find out that we have gone out of our way to dress up and make ourselves pretty one night. Why not tell them too when we have loved their outfits? If your guy is snooty , he will love these kinds of compliments and you can be sure that you will see him more than once in that shirt.

If you want to send him a slightly more risque message , you can take that shirt from him and try it on yourself. Take a photo in which it is sensed that you are wearing this garment in a more subtle way and complete the sentence : “Last night you were very sexy in that shirt, but I think it suits me better, what do you think?”

3 This bed is too big, can you help me fill in the hole? 

There is nothing better than a sensual phrase with which to make our intentions clear if we could be with our boyfriend at that moment. This phrase is perfect to warm up the atmosphere before a night adventure without being too obvious, but without going unnoticed.

If you want to send this same message but with variations, you can also try: “If you were here I wouldn’t be cold” or “My pillow is telling me that it misses you.”

4 I want to unbutton that shirt that you are wearing

If your boy is one of those men who does not understand hints (there are many of this type), you have to make sure that your message is direct and clear enough for even him to get it. What do you think of this sexy phrase in which you directly talk about your desire to undress your boyfriend? Without a doubt, the wait to fulfill your wishes will be shorter if you warm up the atmosphere with a phrase like this.

5 My bed is cold, do you want to do something about it? 

In case there was any doubt, our intentions will be more than clear:  we love our boy and we want him NOW. Send him this message when he least expects it so that it has the most effect: when he is in the middle of a work meeting, as soon as he gets up … The heater is guaranteed!

6 I wish you could see what I’m wearing now

Nothing sexier than he imagines you with what you wear … or what not. If you send him a sexy phrase of this type, there must always be a visual complement to make him go crazy . The next time you see him, put on that spicy outfit and he can’t help but get doubly turned on: seeing you dressed like this in that world-taking attitude and remembering how much you turned him on when you sent him this message.

7 When do we sweat together again? 

Little more to add, because no, we are not referring to sweating in the gym. Who doesn’t want to sweat and enjoy with their partner when that magical moment finally arrives? You will love the phrase because, although it may sound a bit dirty, in the sexual context it takes on a very sensual meaning. 

8 Tonight my lips will not leave a space of your body in peace

What will come after this phrase will make fireworks go off , and alarms, and sparks …   Among the variant of this phrase : “I’m going to make a path of kisses all over your body” or “My tongue is going to travel even your most hidden secrets. ”

9 When everything goes up, the only thing that goes down is underwear

With this phrase, our boy will know what we really want and how we want it . This hint is more than obvious, so it will not be difficult for your boy to realize the desire you have to eat him from head to toe. Can you wait for the next time you see him?

10 I can’t wait to do the things I’m thinking to you

There is nothing more explicit, and your boy will want more and more details. Therefore, after sending him this phrase, you can send him a kind of short erotic story in which you describe step by step what you would like to get from him. Don’t be afraid to write down everything you’re thinking, even what seems dirtiest to you, because the more detailed it is and the more sensual it is, the more your boyfriend will like it. Imagine everything you would be doing if, indeed, you were together and explain it to them. For example: “I would start by kissing the corners of your lips and, little by little, guided by that perfume that drives me so crazy, I would kiss your entire neck …”.

Extra phrases: excite your boyfriend in bed

And, once the time has come to unleash your passion, these sexy phrases can help you excite your partner even more. Sign up for the following, because you never know when you will need them.

+ “Your natural perfume makes me lose my mind completely.” Beyond the cologne your boy wears on a day-to-day basis, his body has a natural smell that gets you on the inside, right? Let him know how much his perfume turns you on and travels all over his body getting you drunk on it.

+ Say out loud what you are going to do to him. More than a specific phrase, your boy will be very excited when you narrate out loud everything you are going to do to him. Not only will she enjoy everything you do to her, but she will also get aroused by what you tell her “I’m going to taste your nipples” or “My tongue is going to explore under your belly.”

+ “I love that you rub me (or caress, or kiss, or lick) right there.” It is normal that you have to teach your partner what you like the most in bed, since each person is different. But, in addition to getting more pleasure, by telling him what you like the most and how you like it, you will get him even more excited. Surely your boyfriend loves to see you enjoying yourself.

+ “I want to go all the way.” This phrase, said at the right time, will make your boy feel your passion. It is inevitable: just by hinting that you want to culminate in an orgasm (or several, why not) will make him want to accompany you on your way. Sparks will fly on the bed!

+ “I’m coming . ” Telling your guy when you’re reaching orgasm will drive him crazy. Knowing that you are close to feeling maximum pleasure will simply make you lose your mind. Also, telling him in advance will allow you to tell him in another way that you like what you are doing to him. And rest assured that he will do it again and you will feel all that pleasure again.

Written by Giorgia Stromeo

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