26 phrases for a Valentine’s Day in a pandemic: NOTHING can beat love

26 phrases for a Valentine's Day

What are you going to do this year for Valentine’s Day? The answer surely varies considerably if you live with your partner or if you live in different cities or provinces. The pandemic rages at all levels and this February 14 you may not be able to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your partner. But we are not going to let physical distance create emotional distance, so we are going to celebrate it anyway. In Diario Femenino we leave you some funny phrases for a Valentine in the middle of the pandemic . Because NOTHING and NOBODY will be able to with love!

The best messages for this February 14 in pandemic

If you are lucky enough to live with your partner, surely you can do something special that day, even if it is at home . Or maybe because of the pandemic you do not have the spirits for celebrations in style. Nothing happens, but a detail to remember that it is the Day of Love is always restorative. And to lift your spirits, nothing better than to leave your partner a post it in the fridge , a note under the pillow or even send a WhatsApp to work . We propose these message ideas for February 14 in the middle of this coronavirus health crisis!

1 I like you more than waking up late

So he knows that you like infinite.

2 On the one hand I like you; and on the other also

And if you give it another spin, you like it too.

3 I don’t know what I saw in you, I just know that I haven’t seen it in anyone else

So that you feel like the most special person in the world.

4 Who was candy to melt in your mouth

Add some fun to your love messages .

5 For the next trick I need you to kiss me

This Valentine’s Day you are going to do magic.

6 Will you leave me a kiss? I swear I will give it back to you

Loans always have to be repaid.

7 I like your perfume. You smell the love of my life

You can get intense, there are no limits on Valentine’s Day.

8 I can’t give you the best in the world, but I’m going to give you … I’m going to give you

This message to send by WhatsApp and return home as soon as possible.

9 I don’t want you to make me happy. I want to be happy with you

Declarations of love.

10 You are my Valentine’s gift and I don’t need anything else

Have you forgotten to buy a gift for your partner ?

11 Your kisses are like french fries, one is never enough

Well, give me more, then.

Valentine’s Day phrases for long distance couples

We know that in the midst of this pandemic not all couples will be able to celebrate together, but that does not mean that they cannot have a special wink. All this will pass, but while it happens we will try to maintain the relationship with a smile because love and humor heal everything .

12 I don’t eat because I think about you, I don’t eat dinner because I think about you and I don’t sleep… because I’m hungry!

Let’s start Valentine’s Day with a laugh .

13 I have my smile ready for when I see you

Even with the mask on, but the smile is there.

14 Don’t you get tired of liking me so much?

Well no, the truth.

15 With you I feel like I’m the flamenco dancer on WhatsApp

And when I see you, much more.

16 I decided it would never be cheesy in my life, but then I met you

You can get cheesy on Valentine’s Day.

17 You are the most beautiful moment and the favorite place of my life

Or it is also worth a dose of romance.

18 I send you decent kisses, I give you indecent ones when I see you

Valentine’s Day propositions .

19 My desire for you does not go away, they accumulate

I hope we see each other soon.

20 According to the weather forecast … you should be in my bed!

Life is unfair.

21 I don’t know where we’re going, but I know I want to go with you

An ideal declaration of intentions for Valentine’s Day.

22 I have decided that I will spend my mobile battery with you

This Valentine we do not detach from the phone.

23 I really like your eyes, especially the left one

Delusional romanticism.

24 If you were an ice cream, I would eat up the stick

More indecent messages.

25 I would like to be a hamburger and that you fill me with mayonnaise

The romantic lyric of Valentine’s Day .

26 I did a raffle and you won some kisses; let me know if you want to collect the prize

You have won the prize!

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