73 kissing phrases: romantic messages to dedicate

73 kissing phrases romantic messages to dedicate

The best kissing quotes of all time

Kisses, kisses and more kisses , it can be said that they are the spice of life. They make us feel alive, loved, cherished, comfort us, and show us love , care, and affection. And when it is we who give them, our hearts are filled with joy, overflowing with energy. P

Or that, there are not few philosophers, writers and poets who dedicate more than one thought to it. And that’s not to mention the big screen and the music! Hundreds of movies and songs tell the stories behind passionate kisses. In Diario Femenino, we collect no less than 73 phrases of kisses with images , each one very beautiful and romantic to dedicate to whoever you want . Which of them will be your favorite?

Famous phrases that talk about kisses, to think and dream

There are many kisses, from mothers to sons, passionate movie kisses, stolen kisses, the first kiss, the innocent kiss of a child. A simple gesture that exists since man is a man and that, depending on who gives it and who receives it, has a meaning. We started with the batch of phrases about kisses !

1 Kiss me as only you know and do it every day, every moment

You say it to the love of your life , just like that, without coming to mind, and you leave him with his mouth open.

2 Kisses on the body make you cry. It would be said that they console

Marguerite Duras

They comfort and feed, if you allow me.

3 Kiss me madly

‘As if there was no tomorrow, as if only now counts .’ This to put in the status of your social networks , what is great?

4 I wish I could save that kiss in a bottle and take it in small doses every hour or every day

Nicole Williams

You take any bottle, you put the best kiss they have ever given you, a little ray of sunshine and you already have the greatest treasure .

5 We still have many more kisses pending to give us

What a declaration of intent!

6 This kiss is worth all the tears, all the heartache, all the pain, all the struggle, all the waiting

Colleen Hoover

Surely now you understand better what we told you at the beginning that kisses have great meaning inside them.

7 The first kiss between two people is a really good thing in life

Juliana Hatfield

The first kiss is unique, don’t you think? That’s why they say never forget !

8 There are welcome and farewell kisses, the long, persistent, loving, present; the stolen, or the mutual; the kiss of love, of joy and also of pain; the guarantee of promise and receipt of satisfaction

Thomas Chandler Haliburton

A dictionary-worthy classification of kisses.

9 If I could I would kiss you even on your identity card

Ok, we admit it, we may have gone too corny.

10 Now a soft kiss … for that kiss, I promise endless happiness

John Keats

For a kiss like that, more than one would give anything.

11 A kiss can be a comma, a question mark, or an exclamation point. That’s the basic spelling every woman should know


We are left with the kisses that are an exclamation point!

12 I believe in long, slow, deep, soft, wet kisses that last three days

Kevin Costner

Those are the passionate movie kisses that you would see over and over again.

13 Your first kiss is the blow of fate

Alice Sebold

Some even say that it can change your life .

Wonderful and magical quotes that talk about kisses

Did you know that the longest kiss in the world, to date, has lasted 58 hours, 35 minutes and 58 seconds? It was given in the kissing marathon on the occasion of Valentine’s Day . You may not dare to exceed the mark, neither do we, but what you may want is to continue reading another batch of famous phrases and quotes about kisses . You can dedicate them to whoever you want the most!

14 I kissed her hard, held her tightly and tried to open her lips, they were tightly closed

Ernest Hemingway

The American writer and journalist is not far behind in this of the phrases about kisses .

15 I’m still waiting for that passionate kiss in the rain

Harry Styles

It is something that is not easily forgotten!

16 It’s the kind of kiss that makes you realize that oxygen is overrated

Tahereh Mafi

The love kisses in which it seems that you are short of breath surpass those of any movie .

17 That next kiss is the kind that breaks the sky. It steals your breath and gives it back. That shows me that other kisses that I had had in my life, had been a mistake

Gayle Forman

The American writer makes a comparison, what do you think? do you agree?

18 Be simple in dressing and sober in your diet; In short, my dear, kiss me and shut up

Mary Wortley Montagu

What a fun and original phrase .

19 Kisses like yours should come with a warning label. They can’t be good for the heart

Colleen Hoover

The writer has her own vision of love and romance.

20 And yet everything is still so difficult, you know what I mean, right? I fervently want him to give me a kiss, that kiss that is taking so long. Will you still consider me just a friend? Am I not already something more than that? You know and I know that I am strong, that most of the burdens are borne by myself

Anna Frank

Have you read it? It is a highly recommended reading!

21 Souls meet on lovers’ lips

Percy Bysshe Shelley

Percy Bysshe Shelley is considered an English Romantic poet and essayist , now we understand why!

22 What is lost is also a pair or two of lips that tasted the taste of mine, and that now I can only kiss in my memory


The writer, a member of the Generation of 45, gives us wonderful phrases like this one.

23 A legal kiss is never as good as a stolen one

Guy de Maupassant

What do you think? Do you agree with him? We can have a little debate in the comments!

24 Kiss me, at the wrong time, without mercy and in silence. Kiss me, slow down time, make what I feel grow

Camila. Kiss Me

Surely you like this song as much as we do.

25 The kisses, damn the kisses that turned me on asking for more

Vanesa Martín. I discovered

Do you know any other song that talks about kisses ? There are so many very romantic ones!

26 There are kisses that produce ravings of fiery and crazy loving passion, you know them well, they are my kisses invented by me, for your mouth

Gabriela Mistral

‘s kisses with love say much.

27 If you read this, you owe me a kiss

You send it to him on WhatsApp , like this, without thinking twice.

28 I can not see how you forget each wound, each kiss you give withers you, bleeds you

Pablo López. Nobody’s princess

And this other song, what do you think?

Wonderful kissing phrases that you did not know

Another question that is both a curiosity, do you know how many muscles are used when we kiss? Nothing less than 34! Among them are the upper lip, the zygomaticus major and minor, the masseter, the risorio and oricular muscle. But, we better continue with the phrases , that in the end we subtract passion and it is not our goal at all.

29 And that’s what I want, kisses, that every morning I wake up from those

The crazy’s song. Kisses

How could this song not be on our kiss list!

30 I send you a kiss and I want it back

It is a borrowed kiss that must be returned.

31 Love is a clash of lightning

Pablo Neruda

With thunder included!

32 What if I eat you with kisses?

This to say to the children or nephews with all the love in the world .

33 When you have eyes, you don’t need to say almost absolutely nothing

Tarjei Vesaas

And when you kiss, everything else is superfluous.

34 The first kiss is never forgotten

Of course not! Surely you remember yours as if you had given it yesterday.

35 All the kisses that I imagined return to the place where I saw them grow

Pablo Alboran. Saturn

Nice song and better lyrics.

36 The first kiss that tasted like a kiss and was for my lips children like fresh rain

Federico Garcia Lorca

The poet has more than one verse about love and kisses as his highest expression.

37 You kiss me as if nothing, but I feel it as if everything

To tell your partner over and over again, how romantic we have become!

38 You know you’re in love when you don’t want to go to bed because reality is finally better than your dreams

Dr. Seuss

True, but when you dream you surely do it with the person you love .

39 Loneliness: a sweet absence of gazes

Milan Kundera

And a lack of kisses that cannot be endured.

40 Kisses that come laughing, then they go crying, and in them life goes, which will never return

Miguel de Unamuno

The kisses laugh, they smile at us, they cheer us up, they send us messages of love .

41 Where will the kisses that we keep, that we don’t give go

Victor Manuel

The lyrics continue like this: ‘where does that hug go if you never get to give it, where will so many things go that we swore one summer …’

42 Kiss me and you will see how important I am

Sylvia Plath

Would you say this phrase to someone?

43 Kissing is like drinking salt water: you drink and it increases your thirst

Chinese proverb

The Chinese proverbs usually have every reason to the world, is not it?

44 For your kisses I would sell the future!

René de Chateaubriand

The writer speaks of this show of affection as the best future of all .

Messages full of kisses to conquer and fall in love

Kisses calm pain, cheer the soul, make us smile, remind us how much the person next to us loves us. What is a kiss to you? How much kisses do you give a day? Surely less than you would like! Here we leave you a few other perfect phrases, all of them to fall in love with and also to dedicate to yourself.

45 It takes over my desires and drowns me in all your kisses, I can’t speak, just feel, how you shake my whole body

Just with a kiss. Ricardo Montaner

Another song that surely more than once we dare to sing.

46 The kiss is a form of dialogue

George Sand

A sincere and pleasant form of dialogue.

47 I am a slave to your kisses, they accelerate my heartbeat

Manuel Turizo & Ozuna. Slave of your kisses 

The sentence continues like this: ‘also that you know that it would be little to say that I want to be with you. Your name my first line and your last name last… ‘

48 Our bodies: auroras and sets in the crazy joy of the winds. The heart of the world in our mouth!

Jacobo Fijmani

This other phrase comes to mind that says that for a person you are the world, never forget it, always keep in mind the people for whom you are important.

49 What do I care about pleasure? Which dream the warm kisses fade, and all the joys like a kiss


They are more of a joy that hides after a kiss, more of a surprise and, of course, more than a longing.

50 How did their lips come together? How does it happen that the birds sing, that the snow melts, that the rose unfolds, that the dawn turns white behind the stark shapes of the trees on the trembling crest of the hill? One kiss, and it was all said

Victor hugo

The poet finds answers in kisses despite himself, to his concerns.

51 For the kiss, the nose and eyes are as badly positioned as the lips are badly done

Marcel Proust

What meaning do you give to this phrase ? Perhaps that the lips do not need anything more than the intention?

52 Kiss me out of desire, but not for comfort

Jeff Buckley

Totally agree with the soloist’s phrase, are you too? The kisses that are given out of affection , with love and a lot of passion. If it is for comfort, better a hug or a friendly kiss.

53 Kissed mouth does not lose fortune, it is more it is renewed like the moon

Giovanni Boccaccio

This phrase about kisses seems more like a tongue twister than anything else.

54 I think it’s wonderful when a love story begins with a lot of romance and affection, passion and emotion, that’s how it should be. But I don’t necessarily know that it’s the wisest thing in the world to expect him to end up there, or that he should, 30 years later, still look like he did the night of his first kiss.

Elizabeth Gilbert

They say that passion ends with the years, it is lost, it disappears, but that, in return, it leaves room for understanding and pure love .

55 Often the most urgent lips, not in a hurry two kisses later

Joaquin Sabina

This quote about kisses can be said to complement the previous one, don’t you think?

56 The good thing about years is that they heal wounds, the bad thing about kisses is that they create addiction

Joaquin Sabina

Kissing can also heal open wounds that might not otherwise heal.

57 Never forget that the first kiss is not given with the mouth, but with the eyes

O. K. Bernhardt

In a glance there is more hidden than one thinks, much more than what one dares to say with words.

58 A world is born when two kiss

Octavio Paz

Will it be a world full of love and affection? We bet it is!

59 Let the rain kiss you. Let the rain hit your head with drops of liquid silver. Let the rain sing you a lullaby

Langston Hughes

The kisses of the moon, how beautiful it sounds! Who could have them for himself!

60 The kiss is hunger for immortality

Ramón Gómez de la Serna

In other words, you want the kisses to last forever .

More phrases that speak of love and kisses

Just one kiss releases the hormone of happiness; It is a gesture that acts as an antidepressant and antistress. At the time of kissing, the pupils dilate, which is why most people close their eyes! Did you know that a short kiss can burn up to 16 calories? It increases esteem and causes happiness in those who receive it and in those who give it. Do you find few advantages? Or excuses, depending on how you look at it. Don’t miss out on our latest selection of the best kissing phrases, there is something for everyone!

61 The soul that can speak with its eyes, can also kiss with its eyes

Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer

The poet’s verses are one of our favorites, do you love them too?

62 A man’s kiss is his signature

There is a West

His hallmark , his word to fulfill and respect, says the actress.

63 The kisses are like nuggets of gold or silver, found in the ground and without great value, but precious because they reveal that there is a mine nearby

George Villiers

They are the source from which love , passion, affection, affection drink …

64 A kiss? An enchanted trick to stop talking when words get superfluous

Ingrid Bergman

We could never have said it better, the kiss is the ideal excuse to stop talking when there is nothing to say, or at least nothing important.

65 Love is not just a feeling, it is also an art

Honoré de Balzac

The art of love has as its flag kisses of all kinds and styles: romantic, sweet , tender, passionate, improvised …

66 In a kiss goes the soul and in my soul is the kiss that could be

Marc Anthony

Sounds familiar, right? It is a very popular song that has been sung, and danced, almost all over the world.

67 For a look, a world;
for a smile, a sky;
for a kiss … I don’t know
what I would give you for a kiss

Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer

This other poem has surely been read more than once, you may even have recited it on occasion.

68 The first kiss can be just as scary as the last

Daina Chaviano

I hope that last kiss that the writer talks about never comes .

69 Your eyes are my passion, for them my love raves, they are burning pyres that burn my heart

Juan Alfonso Carrizo

How many quotes and phrases have been written about kisses , each more beautiful and emotional.

70 The bread is included in everything: in the oil, in the gazpacho, in the cheese and the grape, to give the flavor of kiss, in the wine, in the broth, in the ham, in itself, bread with bread. Also alone, like hope, or with an illusion

Juan Ramon Jimenez

Do not stop reading the entire poem , it will surely catch your attention from beginning to end.

71 Kisses that come laughing, then they go crying, and in them life goes, which will never return

Miguel de Unamuno

This other one is also very pretty, right? The poet always kept space for love in his verses and in his poems.

72 The hardest is not the first kiss, but the last

Paul Geraldy

Of course it is! The last kiss, depending on who you give it to, can be very painful.

73 In a kiss, you’ll know everything I kept silence

Pablo Neruda

Our last sentence about kisses is a verse, probably one of the best known, which also talks about love .


Written by Giorgia Stromeo

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