8 things only fearful people understand

8 things only fearful people understand

Do you think the future is dark and hostile?

The fear is an instinct that comes in handy because we alert the danger, but sometimes surpassed the barrier of logic and let fear paralyze us. Fear is the number 1 enemy of happiness and makes us more vulnerable, but can fear be avoided? At the moment we do not have the magic cure, but we do have some things that only fearful people understand and we want to tell them so that the world knows how it feels to live in fear and try to take a little iron out of the matter.

If you are a fearful person, you will understand

We all have some fear, but there are people who are fearful in general. Everyday fears, typical fears, strange fears or existential fears appear there in our minds to paralyze us and make us feel weaker. What worries us now is the misunderstanding that some fears generate, so we have drawn up a list of things that only fearful people understand.

1 What about spiders? The fear of spiders and arachnophobia are known worldwide and very common. That does not prevent people who are not afraid of spiders, insects , rats or any other critter that swarms around the house from being so calm and telling you: ‘it’s just a spider’. And you, in a panic, answer: ‘just a spider?’

2 Tremendous vitality. If you have ever been told that you think too much, that you think a lot about things and that you are a tremendous fan, it is because you are a sufferer of the misunderstanding of others . Others do not understand that life is full of worries and that you have to analyze everything that may happen. Just to be prepared!

3 You never turn off the light. The fear of the dark is not exclusive to children, although you may carry your fear from childhood. At your age you already know that there is no monster under the bed, but just in case you always leave a little light on when you go to sleep. And you might even check the closet.

4 Danger surrounds you. For fearful people, the world is full of dangers : an epidemic, a nuclear accident or a natural catastrophe can strike, and whoever says otherwise is lying. Logically it is to be scared, what you do not understand is why people continue with their lives as if we were not at risk of apocalypse.

5 The world is hostile.  What a doubt! The world is not exactly a friendly place and you are afraid that you will be mugged on the street, that you will be harassed on social media, that you have enemies at work or that your friends will betray you. Come on, he’s normal on any given day.

6 The future is dark. What will become of you tomorrow? It is a question that we have all asked ourselves at some time. Fearful people see the future with pessimism and cannot understand those other optimistic and smiling people who are very sure that they are going to take over the world.

7 Not without my phobias. There are also phobia collectors, such as phobia of feet , cheese, doctors, flowers … fears that are confused with phobias and that in some cases do not go beyond manias , but you have to live with them.

8 I know, but I can’t help it. Fear is irrational and most of the fears we have are surmountable. It is something we know, but until we get over them we cannot avoid feeling the anguish, anxiety or nerves in each of these situations.

Written by Giorgia Stromeo

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