A spell doesn’t work: the most common reasons

a spell doesnt work the most common reasons

Sometimes spells don’t work and we don’t really know why. However, there are several reasons that can cause spells to go wrong. We tell you what ‘mistakes’ you may be making and how to fix it. Why doesn’t a spell work? 

A spell doesn’t work: the most common reasons

+ The Universe has other plans : yes, the Universe may have received your message loud and clear and it may have passed from you. This is because what you were asking for was probably not the best for you at the time . He is very wise, so be patient.

+ You weren’t focused: the level of concentration is essential for a spell to be successful. If you are thinking about other things or if they interrupt or get upset about something, your spell will not work because the Universe will not be able to interpret what you want.

+ It was not the time : life takes many turns and this may not be the right time for what you have asked to happen, but that does not mean that it will not be fulfilled in two days, two months or two years.

+ The place: it is very important that you choose a suitable place in the house to cast spells. For example, the bathroom and kitchen are the worst places to cast spells because their energy is neutral or negative. The best are the bedroom and the living room.

+ The time: the best time of day to cast a spell that requires the influence of the moon is usually 00.00 hours, while 12.00 noon is perfect for casting spells during the day . Dawn and dusk are also good times.

+ Something was missing : using the right ingredients in the right amount is essential. If you don’t have rosemary, you can’t substitute it for oregano, for example. And if we say that you have to use three red rose petals, it is exactly three, no more, no less.

+ You don’t believe in its effectiveness: if you cast a spell thinking ‘let’s see what happens’ it sure won’t work . For spells to be effective, you must have faith in them.

+ You need more candles: they never hurt, but you have to use them with caution so as not to create accidents. The more candles the better.

+ You have used a lighter : never use lighters to light candles or incense, because the spell will not work. Always use matches, as their flame is purer.

+ Incense is not natural: it is essential that, if the spell requires the burning of incense, that it be natural. The cheaper options sold in supermarkets and non-specialized stores do not work for casting spells.

Written by Giorgia Stromeo

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