Can you inherit being unfaithful?


One of the main obstacles for the relationship to be maintained over time is infidelity. It seems that the monogamous life is difficult to fulfill judging by the amount of infidelities that we observe, live and suffer, so we are wondering if it is possible to inherit being unfaithful . Because maybe we are fighting our own genes.

The genetic component of infidelity

No matter how much thought we give to the issue of infidelity, we know that we are not going to arrive at a valid justification for cheating on your partner . But you can always try, you can always turn to genetics to defend yourself against accusations of being unfaithful. If infidelity is genetic , there is nothing you can do to prevent it. But this premise is wrong.

Because it is true that exclusivity in the couple is found in a few species of the animal world, as it also seems to be true that there is a gene, called the Casanova gene , which predisposes the person graced with said gene to infidelity. But this only shows that there may be a certain genetic predisposition to infidelity, not that you should cheat on your partner because nature has decided so.

And it is that if we add factors that influence when it comes to being unfaithful, we would find a long list of allies of infidelity. Profession , genetics, family environment or sociocultural context can incite us to be unfaithful, but we have the last word. The justification that being unfaithful is inherited is valid only when you have no choice but to confess a slip.

If it is so difficult for us to remain faithful to a couple, perhaps what we should rethink would be the concept of the couple relationship and not look for so many excuses that exonerate us from an action that is still reprehensible for what it entails of deception and treason. It may be time to start considering open relationships or different ways of relating like polyamory.

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