Compatibility and horoscope: Cancer and Geminis in love

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For love in a couple to work, many factors intervene: the moment each one is living, the desire to fall in love that you have, the time you have … but the chemistry that you feel for each other also has a lot to do with it. other . There will be things that can be faked, but if you can’t feel a true affinity, your relationship is going nowhere. According to the horoscope, there are some signs that get along better than others because of their way of being.

On this occasion, we focus on discovering what the love compatibility between a Cancer and a Gemini is like . If you are part of a couple formed by these signs of the zodiac, find out from the hand of the horoscope your strengths and weaknesses.

Compatibility between Cancer and Gemini in the love field

Cancerians are very creative, a quality that many Geminis fall in love with. They are also usually imaginative, although not to the extent of their partners, so they can be a good team in all aspects, whether they work together or have to take care of a family. On the other hand, Geminis tend to be very attentive to their lovers, as long as they are truly in love with them and Cancerians feel very comforted when they have someone watching over them. Therefore, they can get along very well as a couple.

However, Cancerians and Geminis who are in love can have some problems when it comes to communication. Cancerians have a hard time giving voice to their feelings since they consider that they could be too exposed and, therefore, be weaker . Something similar happens to Geminis, since they prefer to keep an ace up their sleeve in case they need it in their favor in the future. Between the fact that one does not dare and the other does not want to, in the end the main harmed is the relationship.

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