Doing a spell: What are the best hours?

Doing a spell

The time you choose for your spell is an important factor in its success.

Making a spell and having it really work depends on many factors and the time of day it is performed is one of the most important and difficult to master. For this reason, we wanted to give you a few tricks so that you know what time of day is the most appropriate.

What time is best to cast a spell?

+At sunrise: as you know, the exact time of sunrise varies from time to time. They may be only a couple of minutes apart, but since we are looking for an exact position of the sun, we want to know precisely before casting a spell . If you find the exact time that the sun sets, the probability of success is 40%.

+From sunrise to 11:59 AM : the probability of success of your spell in this time slot is 5-10%. If you cannot do it at another time, nothing happens, you can always resort to energy enhancers such as candles to increase those probabilities.

+At 12.00: it is the central time of the day and the time when the sun is highest and its light is strongest, so there is a greater concentration of energy in the environment that makes you have a 35% chance of success . All spells that can be cast during the day should be done at this time to increase their effectiveness.

+From 12:01 to dusk: the probability of success is slightly higher, around 20 – 25%. You can use the same energy boosters from the second point.

+At dusk: as it happens like sunrise, not always last night at the same time, it varies depending on the day, so it is important to know the exact time and do our spell at that time so that it works better. The probability of success at this moment is equal to that of sunrise, 40%.

+From dusk to 12 o’clock at night: the chances that your spell will be effective on its own are close to 30%.

+At twelve o’clock at night: the passage from one day to another is also key to hitting your spells , in fact it is the moment when the chances of success are greater and reach around 50%. In general, when we say that a spell must be performed at night, we mean at midnight. Ideally, the passage from 11:59 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. will arrive approximately at the moment in which we begin to recite the final incantation of the spell.

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