Dreaming about breaking your glasses: change the way you see the world

dreaming about breaking your glasses

Although most dreams are not premonitory, at least not taking them at face value, it is true that sometimes you can dream things as a warning or warning about a situation that you are living or that you are going to experience soon. It is the case of dreaming that your glasses break , in inconvenient mode or in nightmare mode, but in both cases with a very important meaning that we tell you in our dream dictionary .

Why do you dream that your glasses break

To understand the meaning of dreaming that your glasses break, you first have to ask yourself what the glasses are for . It is clear that they serve to see better, right? Well, the interpretation is aimed precisely at that aspect, your way of seeing the world , your way of understanding your environment, your way of perceiving reality. And it turns out that with glasses you see everything very clear and defined, but without them … What happens when you don’t have the resource of glasses to see your own life?

+You don’t have to need glasses in your real life to have this dream. But imagine for a moment that you need them so that people and objects acquire their contours, so as not to see a blurry or misty spot in front of you, to recognize what you are seeing on your way. That your glasses break does not leave you in the most absolute blindness , but of course you cannot perceive reality clearly . And there are moments like this in life.

+Many moments, such as when you suffer from anxiety and your reality is distorted by catastrophic or obsessive thoughts, such as when you are mired in a depression in which everything is dark and you cannot distinguish a single color, as when stress does not let you think with clarity and everything is blurred or as in those specific moments in which a concern acquires monstrous dimensions and you cannot understand it from the clarity.

+It is one of those moments that this dream in which your glasses break is speaking to you. You are in one of those moments and you cannot find solutions because you cannot see without your glasses, because right now you see everything distorted . You may have to ask for help to see your life and circumstances objectively, but in any case you already have the warning. You need to see the world, your world, from another perspective, from which you will be given new glasses.

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