Dreaming of a circus: absolutely everything is possible

dreaming of a circus

A circus show is usually surrounded by joy, fantasy and illusion, although it is also true that you can have more than one nightmare related to this particular environment. Dreaming of a circus is a common dream that occurs for more than just to move you back to childhood. It is a dream with a lot of content and with very varied interpretations. Do you want to know what it means to dream of a circus ? We tell you about it in our dream dictionary .

Why do you dream of a circus

Dreaming of a circus takes you back to childhood , but that does not mean that it is an exclusively children’s show. Like many other leisure activities, adults go to the circus with the excuse of making their children happy, but they are immediately enveloped, young and old, by the atmosphere of magic , illusion , surprise and that feeling that everything it is possible .

Everything is possible, that is the experience of each circus show in which your ability to surprise is put to the test in the different performances. With the magic show, with the aerialists and acrobats, with the jugglers, with the tightrope walkers … There are also clowns in a circus, let’s not forget, and these characters both in dreams and in real life are capable of making you laugh or make you laugh. cry.

Circuses have their dose of talent , art and creativity . They show those unusual skills, with very special people, with very different capacities than what we are used to. All in a very changing environment that speaks of continuous transformation , renewal and improvement . Sure there are many things you can learn from this circus dream.

The different meanings of dreaming about a circus

The meaning of dreaming of a circus will depend on both your life context and what happens in the dream. Sometimes the dream will transmit positive emotions to you, but do not rule out a nightmare in this type of dream. Do you know which are the most frequent dreams related to circuses ?

+ Dreaming that you work in a circus

Working in a circus is a most enriching experience and, like everything else, it has its pros and cons. You work in a circus and that allows you to show your skills and abilities , generally those that in their day they told you were useless. Of course they serve, they serve to make others happy, the public, the viewer.

Maybe this dream in which you work in a circus transmits negative emotions because maybe the circus is not the place where you are most comfortable. It is true that you can take advantage of your strengths, but it is a life in movement, almost nomadic in which stability and roots are conspicuous by their absence .

+ Dreaming that you go to the circus

In your dream you are going to see a circus show and you wake up with unusual energy. The show renews your illusions, clears you up, makes you go back to your childhood and for a few hours you have left your worries behind . There is only room for magic, for the ability to surprise, for enjoyment. You don’t have to take it literally and you can change circus for any other activity that makes you feel as good as in your dream.

+ Dream about clowns

The subject of dreams with clowns is delicate because many people are terrified of these characters whose function is to entertain and amuse. They do not always succeed and dreams with clowns often turn into a real nightmare in which your fear of appearances is shown , that reality is not as you see it, that there is too much imposture around you.

+ Dream about jugglers

Dreaming of jugglers may leave you feeling the most stressful without becoming a nightmare. You see those juggling games in the circus and you are amazed at their ability, but you don’t get to enjoy it because in reality it is reflecting how you feel in real life trying to handle so many responsibilities and obligations at the same time that it is inevitable that some of them will fall to the ground. .

+ Dream about trapeze artists

Better sensations the dream leaves you when the protagonists of your dream circus are the trapeze artists. You cannot execute those movements that professionals do, that is clear. However, the dream makes it clear that the time has come to discover your own abilities , to show your abilities, even if they are not what everyone expects of you.

+ Dream about magic shows

Magic in dreams is always welcome because it gives you a respite from reality. Everything is possible in a magic show and, even if they are only temporary tricks, the truth is that the message of magic tricks in dreams is very important: what would happen if you try to see reality, your reality, from a different perspective ? You just have to wake up and take the test to see how magic works in your life.

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