Dreaming of being kidnapped: break the bonds

Dreaming of being kidnapped: break the bonds

What does a kidnapping mean in dreams

When dreams turn into nightmares you want to forget them as soon as you wake up, but first you must know their interpretation. This is the case of dreaming of being kidnapped, a dream that, fortunately, is not premonitory, but that points to some problems that you must solve. Discover in our dream dictionary what it means to dream of being kidnapped .

Why do you dream that you are kidnapped

Someone has kidnapped you , you are a hostage and you don’t quite understand why. Why have you been kidnapped in your dreams? You are not an influential person, you are not a millionaire, but you are there locked in some dark and unpleasant place without knowing how you are going to end up. First of all, you must be clear that it is NOT a premonitory dream .

Kidnappings in dreams have a meaning relative to your emotional situation . It is not like someone is blackmailing you or your family and your physical integrity is not in danger, but your emotional stability is. If you feel kidnapped, locked up, tied up in your own life , this is the time to react.

It is not strange that you want to escape from your own life if in your dreams you find yourself kidnapped. You may be going through a stage in which you are rethinking what you have done with your life and you realize that you have been carried away by the opinion of others and have neglected your independence , you have neglected yourself .

The sensation of kidnapping is very common in dreams and in real life. The moments of frustration appear when that ideal of happiness becomes too distant to the realize that your life is not what you want. You are always in time to wake up, to escape or to go very far, to run away and break with those ties that do not let you be free .

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The most frequent dreams with kidnappings and their meaning

Although the general interpretation is that of that vital dissatisfaction , some details of the dream can change the meaning or add aspects that can be useful when waking up and freeing yourself from that dream abduction.

+Dreaming that your partner kidnaps you

In your real life you are happy with your partner and yet you have this dream that leaves you restless and spinning all day long. The dream does not indicate that you are in danger with your partner , but that perhaps you have put aside those spaces of your own that we all need . If you do everything together, if you go everywhere together, if you share all your time, there will come a time when you feel trapped in this relationship and that’s where your dream comes from.

+Dreaming about asking your family for a ransom

Your family has no money and they come across that ransom demand if they want to get you back. They will surely do everything in their power and even more, going to friends or asking for a loan from the bank to get the money ; or maybe not. Maybe they don’t do anything in your dream and that’s when it turns into a nightmare in which your fear of not being as loved by your environment as you would like it arises .

+Dreaming that your boss kidnaps you

Metaphorically, your boss kidnaps you every day in real life, but in the dream the matter becomes older. See if the place of confinement is in the office because then we are talking about a stress problem that you have to stop as soon as possible. If we add to this shouting and hitting from your boss in the dream, it is evident that you do not feel comfortable in your work . Do not take it at face value, that your boss is not going to kidnap you any more than he already does and your physical integrity is not in danger with him, but what about your mental integrity? This dream may be marking the beginning of a new work stage .

+Dreaming that they don’t want to free you

You are locked in a cave or a cell in an ancient castle. You don’t know who kidnapped you, you don’t see anyone, but you know they haven’t asked for a ransom for you either. They have not hurt you and they give you food frequently, what do they want from you? Why have you been kidnapped? This dream responds to those moments in life in which you feel lost , in which you think that you cannot find your place and that you do not fit in anywhere and with any group . So you will have no choice but to free yourself.

And you? Have you ever dreamed of being kidnapped ? Tell us your dreams in the comments and we will help you interpret them.

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Written by Giorgia Stromeo

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