Dreaming of hyenas: a matter of perspective

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The bad reputation of hyenas should not detract from all the qualities that these animals possess. It is true that culturally we associate hyenas with the negative, with the evil, with the lack of scruples and that scavenger attitude of taking advantage of the weakest. But it is also true that we do not know many positive characteristics of hyenas and that not everything is what it seems. In Diario Femenino we tell you the meaning of dreaming about hyenas in our dream dictionary .

The symbolism of hyenas in dreams

Hyenas are carnivorous mammals that have long had a bad reputation. They are associated with evil , deception, or danger . Unlike other dangerous animals such as the lion or the tiger , hyenas have not been given the benefit of the doubt. But this does not mean that dreams with hyenas always have negative interpretations or that these animals do not have characteristics that we can take advantage of.

The general belief is that hyenas are scavengers that feed on prey that other animals have previously captured, that is, that they steal other people’s catches . The mental image of a hyena waiting to take advantage of the loot is expanded to reflect those toxic and profiteers who do not hesitate to trample on their victim, the person who at that moment is in a weaker position.

But this attitude of hyenas is not entirely accurate because they also hunt their own prey. And if we value cunning , speed and intelligence when hunting other animals , we can also do it with hyenas. So are despicable hyenas scavengers or mighty hunters ? It is a matter of perspective.

Why do you dream of hyenas

This can lead you to interpret the dream about hyenas from another point of view. It is precisely a matter of changing the point of view, of changing the glass with which one looks, of changing the perspective . A kind of ying and yang where any negative aspect has its positive side and vice versa. And from this position where everything is relative is from where we must look for the meaning of dreaming about hyenas.

We can’t help but mention the famous hyena laugh that is always talked about in a derogatory tone. That macabre laugh of these animals is nothing more than their way of communicating through howls that have that particular and characteristic sound. If we look closely, we are facing a kind of language to which the other animals are not invited, before a form of exclusive communication that makes the rest unable to understand the message.

And we already know that what we do not understand, what we are excluded from, what we do not have access to, produces a rejection that can lead to contempt for those who do possess those qualities that we lack . Here is another key to interpreting the dream with hyenas.

The different meanings of dreaming about hyenas

Because the most important thing when looking for the meanings of dreaming about hyenas is to open your mind and value all the possibilities, leave prejudices behind and consider other options. We tried? We are going to analyze the three most frequent dreams with hyenas .

+Dreaming that hyenas surround you

This dream is interpreted in a negative key but it can be very useful to you. Whether the hyenas surround you in the dream or if they are attacking you or maybe even if you get to the nightmare in which these animals tear you apart, you can imagine what is happening in your life. Danger , because there are people around you who are waiting for your slip to jump on you and destroy you .

+Dreaming that you have a hyena as a pet

You have understood that appearances can be deceiving and that life can be taken from different perspectives. You do not get carried away by general opinion, you have your own criteria and make your own decisions . That is why you have a hyena as a pet , with whom you have fun, with whom you talk, whom you feed. Because you know how to see beyond, because you don’t stay on the surface .

+Dreaming that you are a hyena

Dreams in which you turn into an animal are frequent and in the case of the hyena it can have a positive or negative meaning depending on the emotions it transmits to you. Because you can dream that you are a hyena because you feel guilty for having hurt someone . But you can also have this dream because you feel unfairly treated by others, misunderstood .

And you? Have you ever dreamed of hyenas ? You can tell us all your dreams in The Art of Dreaming (our Facebook group on the meaning of dreams) and we help you interpret the dream world.

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Written by Giorgia Stromeo

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