Dreaming of lizards: are you too rational?

dreaming of lizards

If we want to discover more easily the meaning of dreams with animals we must look at their symbolism. This is the case of dreaming of lizards, an animal that appears in your dreams to tell you about your rational character, but also about your weaknesses. Discover in our dream dictionary all the meanings of dreaming about lizards .

The symbolism of lizards in dreams

They say that dreams about animals contain valuable information about the personality of the person who dreams them. Lizards symbolize rational character as opposed to impulsiveness. The lizard may have headed towards your dream to warn you that maybe you are too rational, you have too much ground on your feet and you should put a little spontaneity in your life.

In this same sense of having our feet on the ground, we find another very negative interpretation of dreams with lizards. It seems that the lizard appears in the dreams of those people who have run out of illusions, who have no aspirations and who feel empty . It is an especially frequent dream in moments close to depression .

The most positive interpretation of this lizard dream is that it speaks of a person with a lot of adaptability , referring to the ability of these animals to survive in a hostile environment. Therefore, if you dream of lizards it may be because you have finally found that psychological strength that you need to face any situation.

It is quite common to dream of lizards that enter your house. In this case, the lizard is a threat that comes to your home to destabilize you. It may be talking about upcoming family disagreements , relationship problems or even an emotional downfall . You can always take this dream with lizards as a warning so that problems find you prepared.

Why do you dream of lizards

Lizards are still reptiles, but they do not cause the fear or rejection that snakes cause . In fact, some people consider them cute and totally harmless animals. Beyond personal appreciations, lizards have powerful symbolism that can help you interpret dreams. We are facing animals with a great capacity for adaptation .

Lizards are related to such interesting aspects as personal evolution , regeneration , curiosity and the search for light or, what is the same, knowledge . We have already talked about the rational aspect of these dreams, but lizards do not lack the spiritual character . That is why they appear in dreams to talk to you about letting go, letting go, freeing yourself and connecting with your essence and with the immense power of Mother Earth.

The different meanings of dreaming about lizards

Now that we have advanced some meanings of dreams with lizards, you are surely looking for a more concrete interpretation. We have selected some of the most frequent lizard dreams .

+ Dreaming of a lizard in the sun

This dream speaks of being in tune with the environment and it will surely transmit very good vibes to you. If you look at these animals, sometimes they sneak through any gap, but many times you see them standing still as if they were sunbathing . This situation reminds you that sometimes it is enough to stay a moment to enjoy what surrounds you, to pause to understand the world, your world, your current situation. Why don’t you try when you wake up?

+ Dreaming about chasing lizards

Have you lost something and want to get it back? There is a cultural tradition that says that the appearance of a lizard both in dreams and in real life is a kind of premonition for those cases in which you lose something and need to get it back ; or replace it. And we talk about things, situations or people. So you may be chasing lizards because you are trying to overcome a loss.

+ Dreaming that you talk to lizards

When you talk to animals in dreams it is because you are looking for a different way of communicating with others. Because the way you relate to your environment is not working for you and you have to open new channels of communication with people and also new perspectives to understand the world around you.

+ Dreaming that you have a lizard as a pet

You don’t have a cat or a dog. What is sitting on the couch next to you while you watch your favorite series is a lizard. This dream speaks of a person who wants to evolve , who wants to find himself and also find the necessary strength to be himself, without artifice, in an authentic way. The dream tells of a very special person who likes to do things his own way.

+ Dreaming of a plague of lizards at home

If having a lizard as a pet is a positive dream, finding a house full of lizards can be a nightmare. You are sensing problems and conflicts, although you have not yet dared to face them. But you will have to act fast, because they are already inside your house, which is your refuge, your safest place. The dream can speak of family conflicts or a life crisis that is about to become evident.

+ Dreaming of lizards in bed

This dream also speaks of problems in which you find a lizard in bed. Do you have a partner ? Well, you better wake up and clarify the terms of your relationship because it seems that you are having more than one disagreement. Dreaming of a lizard in bed can also mean that you do not trust your partner . And that will have to be solved as soon as possible.

+ Dreaming that you kill lizards

If you understand lizards as problems, dreaming that you kill them indicates that you are at your best moment to deal with problems . That you are strong and confident, with decision-making capacity and resolution. You have identified the problems and are done with them. Despite the violence implicit in the dream, you will surely wake up with a great inner calm.

+ Dreaming that you are a lizard

We can review some of the characteristics of these animals so that you understand why in the dream you identify with a lizard. These animals enjoy speed , flexibility , adaptability , survival capacity and are highly decisive . They also speak of cunning, of knowing how to wait, of letting go, of letting go, of not clinging to problems, of breaking free. So the question you should ask yourself when you wake up is, does this dream happen because you have the same characteristics as the lizard or because it is telling you what you need to enhance in your life?

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