Dreaming of nits and lice: beware of bad company

dreaming of nits and lice

We reveal the meaning of this unpleasant dream

Some dreams about animals are the most unpleasant. This is the case of dreaming about nits and lice, a dream that may be alerting you to the bad company you frequent or the toxic people around you. Discover in our dream dictionary all the meanings of dreaming about nits and lice .

Nits prevent you in dreams from toxic people

Dreaming of nits is not exactly pleasant, nor is the interpretation of this dream that tells you about bad company , toxic people or betrayals around you. However, put to see the positive side of any interpretation of dreams, it is best that you take it as a kind of warning and you can be prepared.

Because whether you dream about nits or if you dream about lice, the meaning is directed to the problems that you are going to have or are having in your social relationships . You don’t have good company and we don’t speak precisely from an ethical or behavioral point of view. When we talk about bad company we talk about people who do not like you well .

Perhaps you are surrounded by toxic people who do not accept you as you are and want to change you or perhaps you are considering friends who only want to be with you for a specific interest. In any case, the nits you dream of come to alert you to problems in your social circle , so you better be prepared.

The discomfort that nits cause you in real life is what this dream that can turn into a real nightmare comes to represent . You already know what to do when a person is full of nits and lice, that is, cut to the chase , clean and eliminate the discomfort .

Why do you dream of nits and lice

Nits are the eggs of lice. Nits lodge in the hair and there they wait for their moment to hatch as lice. Any family knows how difficult it is to remove nits from a child’s head because they stick to the hair like glue. Meanwhile, and as lice, it’s a little easier to kill them but the disgust we do not remove anyone.

It is true that these are not dangerous insects , but we already know that they work as a pest. It is enough that a single child comes to class with lice for the rest of the class to be infected. And they are not dangerous to health, but they are annoying . How much trouble have they caused the families? And, above all, how annoying can they be?

Because your head itches, they alter your nerves, you think that you will never be able to end them, that this discomfort will never end. Does this sound like something to you? Surely in life you have encountered this same feeling of continuous discomfort and helplessness without it having anything to do with having lice or nits.

Keep one more thing in mind. Lice and nits are persistent, resist many treatments, and are difficult to remove. This that at first may seem like something negative and that can turn into a nightmare both in real life and in dream life, gives you one of the most positive keys to dreaming about nits and lice: resist, do not give up, it is soon to throw in the towel .

The different meanings of dreaming about nits and lice

We have already discussed the relationship that dreams with lice have with the discomfort produced by the toxic people around you. And in the same way that these dreams can serve to alert you to the situation, you can also look at these insects to persevere and not give up, to keep trying. Beyond this, you will not find positive meanings in the different dreams with nits , but at least they can be very useful to you .

+ Dreaming that you have lice

Turns out you have lice and nits too. It turns out that your head itches and you don’t know how to say at work that it would be better for everyone not to show up for a few days. It turns out that lice seem like a child’s thing, but so do adults. And this dream reflects all those daily worries or, rather, steps that turn into big problems because right now everything is going uphill.

+ Dreaming that your partner removes lice

Removing lice from another person is an act of love, at least that is how we perceive it from the animal world. When you dream that your partner is removing lice, it is because you feel completely vulnerable and naked in front of that person . Is that positive or negative? Well, it depends on what the dream transmits to you because, have you decided to show yourself completely because of the great complicity that exists between you or are you afraid that at some point they will take advantage of knowing all your weaknesses?

+ Dreaming that everyone has lice

You have lice, you go down in the elevator and your neighbor has lice, you go out into the street and the bus driver has lice, as well as the rest of the passengers. Everyone has lice, they feel itchy in the head and all the discomfort of this situation but they do not seem surprised, as if it were normal for everyone to have lice. That feeling of strangeness is what you should get out of this surreal dream. Why does everyone behave normally with lice except you? Do you feel out of place ?

+ Dreaming that lice are all over the house

It seems that in this case the nits and lice are not on your heads but rather they live with the family, in your house, in the style of cockroaches or ants , for example. It’s a pest, obviously, and you’ll have to get rid of them. But you know that it will cost you because what those home lice represent are the large number of worries and problems that your family lives at the moment .

+ Dreaming that you get rid of lice

But despite the hassle, despite the effort that goes into removing nits and lice, you’ve finally succeeded. Perhaps you have had to cut your hair and you are a little tired of the process, but that’s it. You have already removed the lice when it seemed that you were not going to be able to with them. You have resisted, you have insisted, you have tried different methods and… you have succeeded ! And that is the only thing that matters.

Written by Giorgia Stromeo

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