Dreaming of snow: check your mood

Dreaming of snow

The most frequent snow dreams and their meaning

Some very relaxing dreams can suddenly turn into a nightmare and that is the magic of the dream world. This is what happens when dreaming of snow, a dream that has varied and even contradictory interpretations depending on the context of the dream. Discover in our dream dictionary all the meanings of dreaming about snow .

The sensations of dreaming about snow and its symbolism

Few things are as relaxing as watching the snowflakes fall from the window. The interpretation of this dream with snow can clarify many things about your state of mind. Watching the snow fall gives you a feeling of well – being , calm and also calm happiness . And that is one of the meanings of dreams in which snow appears.

But your emotional balance that is reflected in the dream with snow can be transformed into restlessness and unease if what you dream is of a snowstorm and wind that can leave you isolated and in danger. It is the magic of dreams, of those dreams in which paradise suddenly turns into hell. So, to understand the true meaning of this dream with snow you will have to pay attention to the sensations .

Because a snowy landscape in which you enjoy making snowmen or walking is not the same as the nightmare of finding yourself cut off in the middle of a great snowfall. If you are afraid, if you feel insecure and with little strength, it is possible that the snow in your dreams immediately acquires a negative meaning. But do not take it as a premonition, but as a signal to be stronger .

Other interpretations of this dream with snow focus on the symbolism of snow itself. White, bright and pure, the snow in dreams may be speaking to you about your well-being, your inner peace, your satisfaction with life. You have made good choices, you have achieved your goals, and you feel happy . Now you can only continue enjoying that snow that you see in your dreams.

Why do you dream of snow

Snow in dreams has many connotations, so it is important to pay attention to the emotions produced by the dream and to all the details of what happens to understand its interpretation. In addition to that purifying aspect that we have already talked about and which is one of the most important, snow can also appear to ask you other questions.

A challenge , a challenge , the survival instinct. This may be what your dream about snow is telling you. That times of personal or work difficulties are approaching and that you will have to face some adversities . That does not mean that you cannot learn from the experience or even enjoy it because perhaps it is about entering an unknown and totally new terrain that changes your life for the better.

Snow is also enjoyment and activity . Think of all winter sports, ski resorts full of friends and families enjoying as much or more than the summer beach. Snow has a social and festive component that also draws us to a special time of the year: Christmas . The white christmas .

But the snow itself contains many contradictions. And if on the one hand there is its dynamic and social aspect, there is also the aspect of introversion . You just have to visualize those winter afternoons watching the snowflakes fall behind the window while enjoying your own company, a cup of tea and a good novel or series. The heating, a soft blanket on the sofa … Everything refers to comfort and convenience , well-being , shelter .

We don’t want to spoil the party, but we have to mention the danger posed by snow. Communication cuts, isolation, the obvious risk if the snow finds you in the middle of the mountain … You have to be very prepared so that the snow does not turn into a nightmare and that is where your capacity for foresight and organization comes into play. , adaptation and survival .

The most frequent snow dreams and their meaning

With all these details you can already get an idea of ​​the meaning of dreaming of snow, but we are going to stop at the most frequent dreams of snow .

+Dreaming that you are playing in the snow

A snowy day is appreciated, being able to go out to the garden or the park and enjoy making dolls , sliding down a slope, throwing snowballs or throwing yourself to the ground like when you were a child. And that is one of the interpretations of this dream, to play, to go back to childhood, to enjoy those magical moments that come from the simplest things .

+Dreaming that the snow surprises you on the mountain

This dream has worse prospects in which you are doing a simple hiking route up a mountain and are surprised by the snow. It is difficult for it to happen in real life because you always notice that the weather is changing, but in your dream you have not noticed it and now you find yourself in a delicate situation that can become hopeless. What are you missing in your life that you haven’t noticed about the warning signs?

+Dreaming of an avalanche of snow

This dream is a nightmare whether you are watching the avalanche from a distance or if you are buried in the snow. It is the perfect metaphor that life surpasses you , that some complicated circumstance is devastating you, it is sinking you . The feeling of being buried by the snow corresponds to that suffocation that anxiety produces . And observing how the avalanche of snow comes down the mountain to get closer to you signals that moment when your life is sinking and you can do nothing to avoid it.

+Dreaming that you are isolated by snow

There are two variants of this dream that perfectly reflect the sense of security you have in your life. On the one hand you can feel restless and terrified because you are isolated in a cabin and it is all snowy outside. Danger , uncertainty . But on the other hand, you may be enjoying that moment of pause that requires being isolated in life. What if what you need is precisely to disconnect?

+Dreaming that you are skiing

Skiing is one of the most appreciated winter activities and it does not matter if in your real life you do not practice this sport because in your dream you are enjoying it in a big way. It is a positive dream that transmits energy and vitality to you and that signals that moment when you are ready to activate yourself, to make plans, to start projects, to get away from fears and enjoy challenges .

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