Dreaming of your uncle: most frequent meanings in your family dreams

dreaming of your uncle

Surely you often dream of your family and by that magic of dreams you can sometimes find yourself with a family that is not yours or with family ties that do not really have. Dreams transform reality, but that does not mean that their interpretation will not help you understand your reality. Dreaming of your uncle is one of the most frequent dream experiences related to your family and you can find its meaning in our dream dictionary .

Why do you dream of your uncle

Not everyone has the same relationship with their uncles . Sometimes they are people with whom you have a very close bond, so close that they are part of your nuclear family. Other times, uncles are just a memory of your childhood summers at your grandparents’ house because over time you have lost contact. And you may even have an uncle that you know about but have never met.

Uncles and aunts in dreams represent a broader family bond. It is common in small families where you are an only child, for example, to find support in that uncle in the absence of siblings . Dream guys talk many times about the need for understanding, support, affection and complicity , so you should pay attention to your possible emotional deficiencies .

And we cannot forget that almost magical role that uncles have as a link of the extended family , as a family extension, so that the emotional support that is the family is not reduced to the father and the mother, but to a whole network of people who they love you unconditionally. There we can include not only uncles, but grandparents and great cousins .

The different meanings of dreaming about your uncle

As you can imagine, there is no single interpretation when you dream of your uncle, but it depends on your family reality and, of course, what happens in the dream. But in general these are the most frequent dreams in which your uncle appears .

+ Dreaming that you have many uncles

Would you like to have more supports in life? Because this dream speaks precisely of that and does not refer only to the family environment . If you have a limited social life , if you do not have close people and whom you can trust, you may see the solution in the figure of many uncles.

+ Dreaming that you don’t know your uncle

Sometimes you can dream of a guy you don’t know. They have told you about him but, due to bad relationships or because he lives very far away, you have never seen him. This dream reflects that moment in life when you need to discover new people , change your environment or reactivate your social life in some way. Because you know that somewhere there is a person you can count on.

+ Dreaming that you are angry with your uncle

This dream speaks of a certain insecurity about how you relate to your environment and, as in all cases, do not limit it to the family environment. You may be in a moment of insecurity in which you need the approval of others and you feel that, despite your efforts to please everyone, the result is not as you expected.

+ Erotic dreams with your uncle

Peace of mind because it is not a premonitory dream nor is it showing dark repressed desires. Erotic dreams should not be taken at face value and most of the time they reflect the need to strengthen the bond with the person who appears in the dream . Perhaps because you have been estranged for some time, perhaps because you have not had the opportunity to get to know each other thoroughly, the time has come to get closer to your uncle.

+ Dream about the death of your uncle

Fear not, dreaming of death is not as negative as it seems. If you appreciate your uncle, if you feel a certain affection towards him, it is normal that you wish the best for him, that life goes well for him and, although it seems contradictory, dreaming of death is precisely a dream of life, of change, transformation and renewal .

+ Dreaming that you live with your uncle

Sometimes it is not necessary to have an erotic dream for you to realize that you need to get closer not only to your uncle who has become the protagonist of the dream, but to your entire family. You don’t have to go live with any of them either, but you do need to change your family relationships by showing yourself more closeness and trust .

+ Dreaming that your uncle scolds you

This dream takes you back to childhood when your uncles could scold you just like your parents . In adulthood it is already a surprising dream episode that speaks of your feeling of guilt . But be careful, you already know that guilt is sometimes motivated by something you have done and that goes against your values, but in the family environment that unmotivated guilt is more frequent because you feel that you are not meeting the expectations of others.

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