Dreaming that your hair is cut: can’t you anymore?

dreaming that your hair is cut

A dream that is closely related to self-esteem problems

In some dreams elements with very clear symbolism appear. It is the case of dreaming that your hair is cut , a dream that is related to your inner strength, in this case reduced because of the cut. Can’t you anymore? Discover in our dream dictionary all the meanings of dreaming about having your hair cut.

Your forces measured in the haircut you dream of

Few dreams have such a clear interpretation as those in which the hair appears . Hair has always been considered a symbol of strength and that is something that we can see in the biblical story of Samson. The same thing happens in your dreams: if your hair is cut, you lose strength.

That is why this dream in which your hair is cut occurs at times when you feel weak, exhausted, that you can’t take it anymore. Be careful if you have this dream because it can be motivated by stress or by the accumulation of problems , but it can also originate in the moments before the depression . Get your strength back as soon as possible.

Having your hair cut is quite a negative dream in the sense that you feel overwhelmed and without strength . You may have self-esteem problems and notice how the influence of others is gradually turning you off. Use this dream to react and improve your self-esteem . You will see that little by little you regain all the strength that you have lost with the haircut.

However, we find a more encouraging meaning in this dream where you get your hair cut. It all depends on the sensations that the dream produces. Because if when your hair is cut you feel renewed, you look more attractive and in the dream you appear smiling , it is because it is the beginning of a new life . And this time you will do it as you want.

The different meanings of dreaming that your hair is cut

In relation to haircuts there can be very different dreams and each one has a meaning. They can cut your hair with your consent but you don’t like the result, they can cut your hair while you sleep, they can cut your hair as punishment or even, as we have already seen, they can cut your hair for a good purpose.

+ Dreaming that you cut your hair yourself

If you are inexperienced, your experiment to cut your hair can give good or bad results, you may even regret it, but what is clear is that the dream speaks of a feeling of exhaustion in which you cannot take it anymore. Surely it has happened to you more than once to think that your life has no meaning and that you need to do something drastic to change it . Obviously the haircut is only a symbolic gesture.

+ Dreaming about getting a bad haircut

You go to the hairdresser , maybe you go to the same one as always and to your surprise, the result of the cut is not what you expected. They have cut you off and cut it in a bad way as if they wanted to leave you badly on purpose. This dream speaks of a lack of trust in your closest environment . You think someone wants to hurt you or put you in a bad place. Unfortunately the dream does not clarify who that person is.

+ Dreaming of being punished by cutting your hair

You may see a scene at school or boarding school, it may be your parents punishing you when you were a child, or it may even be that the person who cuts your hair is your boss. This dream marks a moment in life when you feel guilty , of little value and that you do not deserve care and recognition. You probably think that you deserve that punishment even though you know that cutting your hair is like leaving you without strength, without energy, without illusions.

+ Dreaming about getting your hair cut without realizing it

You wake up one good day and when you look in the mirror you realize that someone has cut your hair and also the result is horrible. Again the fear of being hurt , but in this case the dream also reflects that fear that someone will discover your weaknesses and weaknesses . Be careful because that in real life is transferred to a hostile environment that is wearing you out.

+ Dream of a new haircut

Not all haircut dreams are negative. The sensation of leaving the hairdresser with a different and totally renewed air, surely you have experienced it more times in real life than in dreams. Write down the message of this dream well and if you want you can take it at face value, because the time has come to introduce some changes in your life .

+ Dreaming that your partner cuts your hair

We can put the example of the dream in which your partner cuts your hair, but it could be anyone in your environment and it would have the same meaning. There is a lack of trust in the relationship , you are suspicious of your partner, but it is not about suspicions of infidelity, but that he is not treating you as you deserve, that what you give is not reciprocal or that in some way he does not accept you just the way you Are.

What to do when you dream that your hair is cut

As you can see, the interpretation of dreams in which your hair is cut is almost always negative, but that does not mean that you cannot take advantage of it. First of all, you can take this kind of nightmare as an alarm signal that your efforts are lacking , that you are running out of illusions and that your self-esteem is plummeting.

You can add that restlessness that fear and insecurity cause you to be alert to a possible anxiety disorder or the onset of depression. And if in addition, as some of these dreams report, you live with a lot of stress and in a hostile environment, you have the ideal scenario to suffer an emotional disorder. This still sounds really bad, right?

But it is not. Your dreams serve to make you aware of a problem that you are suffering or that you are about to suffer and that you have not yet realized. You feel some discomfort, surely, but you do not know what it is. That is what dreams and their interpretation are for, to show you the way so that you can find a solution as soon as possible.

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