Effective New Year’s rituals to attract love and get a partner

effective new years rituals to attract love and get a partner 1

Love is one of the great aspirations of every human being. Connect with a person in such a way that we can feel that almost magical force that surrounds us forever. Love is the most important thing, the only thing that we can make grow and that at the end of our journey we will be able to obtain a balance of feelings among which, the most powerful is this. The end of the year is the right time to start planning a 2021 full of this feeling. If your relationship is not working as you expected, you want to amplify this feeling or you want to find a perfect partner , take note of these spells.

In Diario Femenino, from the hand of our astrology specialist Gemma Meca, we propose these two effective New Year rituals to attract love and find a partner .

The best love rituals for New Year’s Eve

+The 7 red roses that will help you find a boyfriend

For this ritual we need 7 red roses . For this ritual it is important to look for those red roses that will serve to attract love in all its forms. We are going to prepare a bath with a full bathtub and the petals of these roses placed in it. If we do not have a bathtub, we can cover our bed with these petals, they must be in contact with us for as long as possible. We bathe or lie on these rose petals thinking about all the qualities that the person we are looking for must have. We will enumerate them one by one, giving an example, we will make it easy for the universe giving all the possible data.

We put a little of this water in which we have bathed in a jar. If we have chosen to lie on the petals on the bed, we put them with water and put them in a jar. Every morning before going out into the street we will put a drop behind the ears or on the pulse. In this way we will be able to attract the perfect love into our life. Before this magic water runs out, the right person will have appeared that we have been waiting for and wanting to arrive for a long time. It’s a matter of attracting him with this scent that only he can smell !

Perfect day to do the ritual of the 7 roses: December 22 .

Attract love with the power of the moon

The new moon is the time for good resolutions. Nature invites us to sow a series of desires that can come to our day to day, among them, one of the most important, true love. In the light of this moon and starting at 1:11 in the morning we are going to create our list of qualities that our ideal man should have. We write everything we want on a paper, we can use several sheets, it can be as exact as possible. The universe loves to make dreams come true, but it needs to have a path that will be as clear as possible.

This ritual can also be used in the case of needing to fix a relationship that we already have and is not going well or to recover a lost love. We must write the qualities we need in our life, not what has failed, but what we need in the first person. In this way we will be able to create a new relationship from nothing, rectifying those points that we do not like or retracing our steps. We will burn the paper with the list and we will put the ashes of this sheet in a wrapped piece of red cloth or in a bag of that color. We will always carry these ashes with us until the right person arrives or our relationship changes.

This ritual begins with a: I ask the moon…. And always in the first person … without saying names … a tall man … a faithful man … a sincere man … the list can be enormous.

Day to do the ritual of love with the power of the moon: December 14 .

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