Horoscope and compatibility of signs: the Capricorn woman in sex

the capricorn woman in sex

Surprise your Capricorn by knowing everything about his sexual desire

Sex is an important factor in relationships. Sometimes we run into a partner we love madly, but we don’t work with in the bedroom. It’s not your fault, not ours. If someone has to be blamed, it will be the stars, because the compatibility between zodiac signs is also important in the sexual field. Find out what the Capricorn woman is like in sex and with which signs she is compatible.

Capricorn woman in sex

The Capricorn woman possesses the same cold and distant attitude in sex as in life. Since she has a hard time showing her feelings and is not exactly uninhibited in bed, the first impression is that she is not very interested in sex. Nothing could be further from the truth.

A Capricorn woman needs understanding and feeling safe to fully enjoy sex. To innovate positions and new forms of pleasure, you need a high degree of trust in your sexual partner , but you also do not miss the opportunity to become intimate with occasional lovers.

Capricorn tends to be calm , but when he gets into bed he tends to transform. He prefers to sleep with women with whom he has a certain psychological as well as physical connection.

What signs is the Capricorn woman compatible with?

The zodiac signs most compatible with the Capricorn woman in bed are Taurus , Scorpio , Pisces , Cancer and Virgo . However, the drive and naturalness of the Aries man can make the Capricorn woman feel insecure and she is also not very compatible with the Libra man , who loves to experiment.

With the Taurus man she feels safe in sex because he also prioritizes sincere feelings. The Cancer man gives the Capricorn woman the confidence she needs to innovate and the Virgo man fills the bedroom with imagination. For his part, the Scorpio man is almost always a safe bet and the Pisces man appreciates his sensuality.

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