Horoscope and compatibility of signs: the Gemini woman in love

the gemini woman in love

The Gemini woman in love is the goddess of joy of the zodiac according to the horoscope . He loves to enjoy the present and does not hesitate to have fun with his loved ones. It attracts by its sympathy a very specific profile, people who want to forget, beings who take refuge in their powerful optimism. Faced with such a situation, you may find yourself with some personal problems of a sentimental nature. She also needs someone to bring her a little cheer or get serious when appropriate.

His lack of decision will upset more than one and may generate conflicts in relationships that are not consolidated. The communication on which the first contact with her is based and the ability to admire beauty are two of the points of union with this woman. Words and a careful exterior will be what attracts as soon as you see and hear a possible partner . He is compatible with fire and air, but has problems with water, except for Scorpio and earth. In love, everything is possible, although not always, and in Diario Femenino we are going to tell you what the Gemini woman is like in love, and the plus and minus signs compatible with this zodiac sign. Look look!

The Gemini woman in love is the personification of joy

Love is joy for this zodiac sign . Avoid trouble and move through the air in search of distant smiles. Infidelity is an element that can occur in a Gemini woman. He cannot stand bad times and even less when it comes to moments that can mark his life forever. The search for happiness and joy will lead her to be like a flower that travels in the air in search of different places.

They love surprises. A relationship for this sign must be based on the unpredictable, nothing routine or it will wither like that flower that travels through the air. You don’t like repeating the same patterns over and over again. Life is made up of special moments that will never be repeated, love as a couple must nurture those moments in a different way. No two couples are the same, nor will the Gemini woman always be , one of the most chameleonic in the zodiac . This goddess of joy adapts to each couple based on their needs.

The Gemini woman will look for a soul mate who is capable of understanding and supporting her in every way . She must be able to fly, to embark on an adventure and find a little space so that she ends up unleashing this woman’s great imagination. Everything is possible if there is love, but nothing will end up as one wants it to be without sufficient willpower that this woman will lack on several occasions. If you want to know how to get the perfect relationship, take note of the most or less compatible signs.

The most compatible signs with Gemini according to the horoscope

+ Aries passion will attract Gemini woman

The fire of Aries will ignite even more with the air of the Gemini woman. These two signs share moments of great intensity . They are two people who can understand each other wonderfully in every way. They like surprises and are willing to give themselves body and soul to a relationship full of good feelings. The compatibility can become total and absolute, if these two souls meet on any given day.

The best tool for getting them to understand each other perfectly is the ability to experiment. You both need to be able to maintain that mutual curiosity and grow up with a number of ingredients that increase your libido. Gemini and Aries are a durable couple who will be able to stay together in the face of any adversity. The warmth of a fire sign is what Gemini needs to find their way. It will put an end to indecision at the moment as soon as you feel the embrace of an Aries that shows you that you really love her.

+ The Aries woman will enchant the mysterious Scorpio

The eyes of Scorpio are a magnet for a Gemini woman. You will love the mystery of one of the most passionate signs of the zodiac. Between the two, an attraction is generated that will lead them to be the most envied on the dance floor. They are one of those couples that when they enter any place they immediately attract attention . Nothing stops them when they propose something.

The exhibitionist point of the Gemini woman, capable of any madness, will be the one that merges with the Scorpio magician. This water sign is capable of going further than anyone. You will not have any fear when it comes to saying things as you think, managing to break Gemini’s insecurities. This couple is one of those that make history, whether or not it lasts they will always be remembered .

Zodiac signs less compatible with Gemini

+ The tranquility of Taurus is incompatible with the strength of the Gemini woman

The Gemini woman wants to travel the world and do it with a good travel companion. Taurus is not the right person to do it, on the contrary. The sofa and the tranquility of your home is the best friend of this earth sign who prefers to see things as they are. If you start to feel a bit confused, what you will end up doing is separating yourself from Gemini, who will try to tell you so many things at the same time that you will not be able to process them. Geminis talk a lot and Taurus has communication problems that will lead them to not understand each other, even speaking the same language.

Taurus is a sign of fixed ideas and Gemini has many ideas, but few are fixed. Those changes of opinions and energy that will end up being nothing can get Taurus crazy. The Gemini woman needs much more action than an earth sign, in general she cannot give it. The relationship can work if Taurus abandons that stability or attachment that he feels for fixed things and allows himself to be seduced by the magic of Gemini that will give him his lack of decision. Without that ability to try to change each other, it will be impossible for the relationship to flourish.

+ The Gemini woman will be overwhelmed by dependence on Pisces

The sign of Pisces is one of the most dependent on the zodiac. He is desperately looking for a partner who is capable of understanding and understanding him like a charm. You will be drawn to that Gemini power, that almost eternal smile that never stops. In a night of joy and passion they can find some compatible points, but also elements that will separate them forever. In this case , air and water are not compatible in the long term .

The desire for freedom of the Gemini woman will always be above the ties to Pisces. It will be like a bird trying to fly with a weight on its wings. Impossible to drag down the dependent Pisces who in order to maintain the relationship must learn to fly or swim by watching Gemini from afar. These signs are not the most compatible , but they can be understood in many fields. Love does not have to be the romantic classic, but it is capable of going a little further. Their relationship will be strange, unconventional .


Written by Giorgia Stromeo

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