Horoscope and compatibility of signs: the Scorpio woman in love

the scorpio woman in love

You can finally understand why you get along so well or so badly with the Scorpio woman

The Scorpio woman is the undisputed queen of complicated relationships. She will don the crown to reign after several years as a drama princess. There is nothing better for her than someone who is unattainable and who can bring about big changes in her life. He sends love that feeling of transformation that he cannot see in his day to day life, it is like a kind of idealization, he is a specialist in creating works of art in his own mind.

But, with which zodiac signs is this water sign more or less compatible? The horoscope and the compatibility of the signs tell us everything that the stars determine for the sentimental life of the Scorpio woman. Do you dare to find out? Do not lose detail!

The Scorpio woman is the Phoenix of love

The love of the Scorpio woman reaches the last consequences. Scorpio is capable of burning everything around him for love. It delivers completely with an intensity never seen before. Behind his mysterious gaze is a woman who knows very well how to get out of her safe zone . She is focused on finding that person who has come to change her life, she will do it first in the mind and then in the body of that being. You like to possess in every way and you won’t stop until you get it. She is a woman totally devoted to love and her loved ones in all aspects.

Passion goes hand in hand with love in this Scorpio woman who cannot live without passionate relationships. This possession of the other begins with long days of love that are completely handed over to someone very special. He knows perfectly how to face a series of transformations that are here to stay and give him everything he needs. She is one of those who lives this process more intensely, which makes her feel like part of a whole and of getting covered with glory before the arrival of a love that she visualizes from afar and ends up being part of it forever. The love of a Scorpio woman is eternal, she can never forget what has happened to her partners. He will keep them on fire, from them he will be reborn like the phoenix that arises from a misunderstood love.

The signs most compatible with the Scorpio woman in love

+Cancer understands the Scorpio woman

Scorpios need someone who understands them and makes them feel good. His somewhat revolutionary ideas are only understood with heart in hand or a series of commitments that are here to stay. She is in charge of bringing magic to Cancer’s life . The two water signs are carried away by a sensation that floods them and is called love. Between them there will be a wave of sensations that will begin with a dance of emotions that will completely cover each of these people.

The water immediately begins to generate a wave of love and passion . But be careful because those good feelings can be transformed into a tsunami of great joys that will be generated from scratch. It is important to obtain from the Scorpio woman the understanding and greatness that is needed to reach the top. She will be the guide of a Cancer who will seek refuge. Both will find themselves in this incredible wave loaded with complexity. Their love will be eternal and the memories they generate will also.

+Scorpio woman surrenders to Capricorn’s order

There is a relationship that is as strange as it is wonderful in the zodiac, that of the Scorpio woman and the Capricorn . These two signs are different in every way, the chaos of the water sign contrasts with the order of the earth sign and despite the great differences they always end up being great lovers . They will fulfill that that opposites attract and they will do it to give rise to a most lasting and authentic history. When the path of their lives is at a similar point, they will not hesitate to take the most important step of their life, the one that ends up approaching a point of no return, that of true and pure love .

The stability of a sign like Capricorn is what attracts the Scorpio woman . You like the security it gives off, it is your refuge. It focuses on him in order to get everything he needs to be happy. Thanks to Capricorn you will be able to be more powerful than you would have ever imagined, with him you know perfectly what you are capable of and do not hesitate to put it into practice. The greatness of this sign will lead her to take action almost immediately. You will want to throw yourself totally into that love that will bring you more than what you give for the first time in your life . It is a long-term relationship in every way.

With which signs is the Scorpio woman least compatible?

+The strength of the Scorpio woman knocks out Leo

The sign of Leo falls at the feet of a Scorpio woman who does not always know what to do before him. Sometimes they are attracted to each other madly, while other times, it will seem that they are destined to be far from each other. In both cases they are able to remove some small challenges that are coming into their life. They are people who understand each other and let love flood them completely , although that does not always happen the way one wants.

The strength of Scorpio can intimidate the born leader of Leo , who will not be able to achieve what he sets out to do next to someone who will be able to question his actions. Too much intensity will knock him out, the fire is extinguished with the water and in this relationship, this feeling of wanting but I cannot, can end up being a reality. To avoid any setback, it is important that both are prepared to give everything from the first moment.

+Aquarius is not a sign that attracts the Scorpio woman

Sensing the revolutionary atmosphere of Aquarius can drive the Scorpio woman on edge. Wanting to be against him in everything can be stimulating initially, but not throughout the relationship. Tiredness from almost daily disputes can destroy the good harmony of two signs that are destined not to understand each other for all eternity. There may be chemistry to the great Aquarius imagination, but beyond their bedroom or the place they choose to have sex, there will be nothing.

A passionate love that can leave both of you in a difficult situation. With passion you cannot create the foundations of a lasting relationship, but you can enjoy one of the best sporadic relationships that exist. Seeing each other from time to time and being aware of what this feeling of unconditional love entails is something that they will have in common. The greatness of these signs will find itself at a point of no return when the body stops expressing itself and words do. The incompatibility will be clearly seen when they do not have a common discourse, but quite the opposite . On opposing ideas, you cannot build that perfect relationship to which both aspire, but quite the opposite.


Written by Giorgia Stromeo

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