Horoscope and compatibility of signs: the Virgo woman in sex

the virgo woman in sex

Sexual relations are still that link between people. People who like each other, attract each other, conquer each other and end up understanding each other in bed. Or not. Sexual rapport is sometimes due to reasons beyond our control. And it is that the compatibility between signs of the zodiac has a lot to say also in bed. Find out what the Vigo woman is like in sex and with what signs she is compatible.

Virgo woman in sex

Although the Virgo woman may seem alien to sex, she is usually an exceptional lover if the desired conditions are met. With a high degree of sensitivity, the Virgo woman does not focus the romantic relationship on sex, but she does consider it an important bonding tool.

Sex for Virgo women is linked to love most of the time. That is why he looks for sexual partners with whom he also has compatibility in love . The ideal Virgo lover must meet certain characteristics such as delicacy, honesty, neatness and dedication.

What signs is the Virgo woman compatible with?

There is a great sexual compatibility of the Virgo woman with men of the signs Pisces , Capricorn and Taurus , who are more similar to her in terms of sentimental goals. On the contrary, he cannot get under the covers with the fickle Gemini , the intense Aries or the fiery Sagittarius .

What the Virgo woman likes the most about the Pisces man is his sensitivity and his taste for foreplay to sex. The Capricorn man appreciates the security with which he handles himself in bed and the balance of the Taurus man is what most excites this woman who prefers calm sex.

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