Horoscope and compatibility of signs: Virgo woman in love

virgo woman in love

The horoscope has a lot to say about love between people, especially if they are compatible according to their zodiac sign . The compatibility of the signs will be measured through the character or personality of each of them, although there can be many exceptions. Gemma Meca, an astrologer, tells us about the horoscope and the compatibility of the signs , in this case for the Virgo woman.

The Virgo woman is the forest fairy of the zodiac. With its natural beauty, it captivates anyone who decides to lose themselves in its gaze. This earth sign has a great connection with nature, lives permanently with his feet on the ground and always seeking to get the best of himself. Virgo is like the harvests that follow their rhythms, she will need nothing more than her ability to love with open arms and her natural charm to attract whoever she wants. Your apparent safety is one of the best weapons. The land she clings to, the mountain she merges with make her one of the strongest women in the zodiac. Being a Virgo womanIn these times it is fortunate that not everyone understands equally, there are signs more or less compatible with it. There will be people who will love her with all their might and others who cannot with her too intense character.

Love knocks on the Virgo woman’s door

When a Virgo woman falls in love, no one knows. He is silent, analyzes his prey, studies their behavior and prepares to launch a subtle attack. He conceives love as a link with everything that surrounds him, builds his own puzzle, so that everything fits, in his analytical mind he adapts his thoughts to this new reality. He imagines his love, his partner, who still does not know that she loves him, by his side.

With that ability to visualize the future, nothing will stop her. It is almost impossible for you to fail in your search for the right person. If you are not sure or notice any signs of change or instability you will never take the step. She will not allow themselves to be hurt , this forest fairy will prefer to continue her life in a self-sufficient way, doing what she likes than not complicating herself next to someone who is not up to the task.

Love will knock on Virgo’s door when it finds someone who is just like her . A fairy needs someone with the same magic, beauty and power. A sylph that is able to understand it and with whom it connects in body, but also in mind. Their behavior must be exemplary so that they grow the feelings of a Virgo. As two souls that connect , they will also do so on the physical plane, the image is very important for this sign.

Virgo pampers himself , his diet is as eco-friendly as possible. Fruits and vegetables are your allies, but you are not alone. They come to give you a little joy before the physical exercise that you can do on a daily basis. Nothing escapes from this perfectionist who demands the most of herself , but also of others. These demands can be more or less compatible with these signs of the zodiac.

The signs that cannot resist the charms of the Virgo woman

+ Scorpio

The connection Virgo with Scorpio is one of the most intense there . Virgo women have a predilection for water signs. This forest fairy is reluctant to show her feelings, only with such an emotional spirit and intensity as marked as Scorpio is she able to let herself go. But beware, Scorpio knows very well how to destabilize Virgo’s safety barrier. It can be one of those mythical relationships, but it can also be heading towards destruction. The danger is present, but also the greatness of a connection of those that is only seen once in a lifetime . The perfect sylph for Virgo is Scorpio.

+ Taurus

Taurus and Virgo are two people with similar goals. Earth also becomes a battlefield before a woman of great power. The greatness of Virgo is reflected in each of the elements that attract Taurus. This other earth sign will arrive attracted by the security that Virgo will bring. The two will be especially compatible and will end up merging their feelings in a kind of fight that can end with a shared podium. The hardest thing about two earth signs is meeting in one place. Both will take time to take the step, they will not launch until they are 100% sure that they are right for each The love between two people of these signs is almost forever, wedding bells will ring as soon as they meet, their alliance is safe and indestructible, as long as they have the same objectives.

+ Leo

Leo will be the light that illuminates the life of the Virgo woman . The appearance of Leo will make the Virgo woman fall in love at first sight. This fire sign is one of those that will end up being more compatible with Virgo for various reasons. In the stable life of an earth sign, a little fire never hurts, Leo will attract passion and dedication in each of his acts, but he will also end up feeling part of a whole that is too intense. They can be so compatible that the first night of passion will never be forgotten. With so much fire involved, the earth will give in almost everything. The Virgo woman can fall into the arms of Leo, the relationship will only work if she stands firm and plays her cards . Virgo must have a lot to say too for the relationship to work.

Virgo woman cannot conceive love next to these signs

+ Aquarium

In order to live love intensely, the Virgo woman must have a good travel companion by her side. He will pack his enchanted forest only when he sees some compatibility. With an Aquarius it is difficult to fully fit . You will like the idealism that this sign gives off, but with the air always moving in all directions you will not find the stability you need. It can be a short-lived relationship that brings you new perspectives, but in order for you to spend a lot of time together, you will have to face a love that is too realistic for Aquarius .

+ Gemini

Gemini will take Virgo out of their safe zone. Leaving the limits of the forest seduced by the song of a Gemini is a fact that can happen on more than one occasion. The appearance of Gemini attracts the gaze of the Virgo woman, but as soon as the duality of this sign is verified, she will put the earth in the middle when she can escape its spell. The Virgo woman knows well that, in order to have a stable love life, she needs to be with a person who has the same concerns and who never changes her mind. Gemini has an enormous capacity to modify their entire world, adapting to any situation and depending on which way the wind blows their ideas move. It will rile up the Virgo woman after the initial crush.

Virgo is lucky to be a very stable person with a lot of charm and an image that makes you fall in love with the naked eye. Your main problem in love will be to discard those people who do not suit you and keep those who do. Being selective will help protect you from the injuries you may suffer as a consequence of a love life in which you are not valued. The Virgo woman needs recognition and a lot of love in every way to be that fairy of the forest that will reign in perfect harmony.

Written by Giorgia Stromeo

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