Horoscope: are Leo and Libras compatible in sex?

are leo and libras compatible in sex

Find out if the intensity of Leo and the versatility of Libra are related

Leos identify with the fire element, while Libras are of air and as such are not the most compatible signs in the entire zodiac . But you already know that when it comes to sex, even the safest thing escapes from the schemes. Therefore, we ask the horoscope how Leos get along with Libras in sex. We are based on the characteristics that each sign has according to the zodiac. In this way, we discover if Leos and Libras are compatible in sex according to the horoscope.

Leo and Libra sexual compatibility

+ Do Leo and Libra connect in bed?

A Leo and a Libra , regardless of the sexes of both, will find it difficult to connect in bed. It is one of those couples who, although the first time together is not spectacular, with the passage of time they notice an obvious improvement. Therefore, for a Leo and a Libra to be compatible between the sheets, they have to know each other very well.

+ How is each sign in bed

Leos are very dedicated in bed, while Libras tend to be somewhat colder. In this way, in the event that they were having sex without feelings in between, the Libras will very possibly go about their business. That is, while Leos will have a tendency to satisfy their bed partner, Libras are somewhat more selfish in that sense. However, Leos are more impetuous, so they will want to finish as soon as possible. It is not that we enjoy sex, quite the opposite: they are so impatient that a long time of foreplay will unhinge them and they will want to go directly to penetration.

+ What do Leo and Libra like in bed?

The type of sex that Leo likes the most is the most intense and heated. This zodiac sign gives everything in every sexual relationship, even if he falls asleep afterwards. However, Libra, who is very versatile between sheets , tends to be a bit lazier. Sometimes he prefers to let them do everything to him instead of getting down to business.

+ And in sporadic sex?

Both Leos and Libras enjoy sporadic sex on about the same level as sex with love, so they could make a good couple of strangers who get together for a little pleasure. What is not completely assured is that they will enjoy as much as they think.

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