Horoscope: compatibility of the fire signs with the same element

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If you are an Aries, a Leo or a Sagittarius and have a close relationship with any of these signs, surely you feel identified with the following horoscope tips. These three signs are included in fire, which, together with water, air and earth, is part of the elements into which the zodiac is divided. Each element affects the personality of the signs with which it is related and, therefore, it is possible to discover the compatibility between the signs of the zodiac . On this occasion, we focus on the affinity of the fire signs with those of the same element.

Are fires compatible with other fires?

Surely you already know – maybe even from your own experience – that the personality of the fire signs is very intense. Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are impulsive and passionate. Due to this fieryness and nervousness with which they take life, many signs of the zodiac get scared and run away from them . Only those who have more patience, give themselves madly or do not want to have a deep relationship with them endure by their side.

The logical thing, therefore, would be to think that others of the same fire element with the same way of behaving, are the ones who have the most compatibility. To a certain extent it is true, because no one is going to understand them better, however, when two of fire come together, sparks can jump if they do not go with lead feet. It is possible that the fights are habitual because both want to be right. The fires are very stubborn.

An Aries, a Leo and a Sagittarius can maintain a relationship with other signs of the fire element and, in fact, it will be very intense and deep. They should be careful that it doesn’t get out of hand. However, when there is a real desire, nothing is impossible.

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