Horoscope: how and with what sign the Aquarius woman falls in love

how and with what sign the aquarius woman falls in love

Find out who is the perfect match for this zodiac sign according to the horoscope.

Relationships have a mysterious working mechanism that we do not understand. Sometimes we fall madly in love, we are lucky to be reciprocated and we turn to the relationship. But that relationship does not work and it will break without knowing the reasons very well. The incompatibility  between zodiac signs  is sometimes the cause of a breakup.

Horoscope: how and with what sign the Aquarius woman falls in love

Aquarius is the goddess of the sentimental revolution, a relationship that this woman completely transforms the person who is with her. He has that almost innate ability to break all the schemes. In something like love, there are no barriers, the person who looks at it knows perfectly well that nothing will ever be the way it was. The air makes it a gale that is here to stay, but it also makes it vulnerable to change. He is particularly easily bored and creates that ideal world that rarely returns to the way it was before. In order to become her ideal partner, you need to be able to keep up with her, never be the same person and change at the same rate as her. It is not easy, but it is necessary.

In Diario Femenino we discover the horoscope and the compatibility of signs of the Aquarius woman from the hand of our astrologer Gemma Meca. Do you dare to discover all the secrets of this air sign? Let’s see them!

How is the Aquarius woman in love

Under the banner of forever changing love, the Aquarius woman stands as a true goddess . She does not let them choose her, she is the one who begins to draw the future she wants and does it in the way that her heart dictates. He falls in love with an idea, with a way of being and with a person who is ready to go one step further in search of everything he needs to see materialized. It never stops and that means you’ll have to show your most revolutionary face to get what you need. She is capable of anything to make the world see that the Aquarius woman is ready to have the relationship she needs. When the moment of commitment arrives he knows it and exposes it perfectly.

He will go on strike, he will demonstrate with a huge poster in which he will put everything he needs, but ultimately nothing will stop him. You may need a little more attention in some moments of the relationship, she will never stop, she will act with an eye to your needs . Help herself to maintain her essence and look for that person to complete her, this is how the Aquarius woman will be in love , a revolution that will change everything immediately. This hurricane will not like all signs, it will have a special connection with those who see beyond the physical part of love, appearances have never liked it.

The signs most compatible with the Aquarius woman

+Gemini is the Aquarius woman’s best friend

The arrival of a Gemini in the life of this woman can change everything completely. Both air signs are unpredictable and very sociable . Your life can end up being a kind of competition to change the world around you. Between them there will never be a bad face or a word above the other, the friendship and respect that are processed can become forever . Aquarius knows very well how to fulfill the wishes of someone who is almost like her. They will not need words to communicate, the body itself will be the one that gives them the keys to maintain a healthy relationship.

Surprises and good vibes are guaranteed with two people who have a lot to say and what to face. Communication is fluid and they love challenges, among them there will be a lot to do and to become someone different. They will transform completely in search of that ideal that they both share. The world would be much better if there were more couples of these two signs, happy and glad to have found each other . You will be grateful every day that the universe has allowed you to meet and fit in so well.

+Aquarius woman falls in love with Sagittarius fire

The air and fire can complement each other , are both elements that are here to stay and are always ready to feed on each other. The fire of Sagittarius will immediately attract an Aquarius woman who will fall in love with a smile and a good vibes that will completely surround her. That ‘something’ that will attract them will remain for as long as possible, without anything interrupting them. The dates will last forever and the unexpected encounters will happen as if by magic. The connection is total when two people are looking for love, but not just any love, but the real one from the moment they see each other for the first time.

The crush will leave them both totally at the mercy of a relationship that can last forever . The Aquarian mind enchants a Sagittarius that needs ideas to grow, beyond a body or what it sees outside, there is an interior that is ready to give everything instantly. They are radical people in everything they do, from one extreme to the other, but there is no middle ground. That passion that they put into life can become the one that unites them in an attempt to create an environment radically different from the one they initially found. They will burn the forest to give rise to a new cycle, there is a before and after in a relationship of this type.

Less compatible signs with Aquarius according to the horoscope

+Virgo will drive the Aquarius woman crazy

An earth sign is the worst thing that can happen to the Aquarius woman , between them there is no type of chemistry , but rather the opposite. Virgo’s security and fixed ideas based on economic or physical themes can end up unnerving the most idealist in the zodiac. For someone who does not believe in the material, it is especially difficult to bring her into that world, it is not easy for them to understand each other . Between them there will be a relationship with many contradictions, tears and more than one criticism difficult to accept.

Virgo will give Aquarius his tools to take care of himself with a spartan view of the world. The schedules are not made for an Aquarius woman who knows very well that in the variability of her actions there is something unexpected. The joy of not knowing what to do and where to go at a certain moment may be what gives life to this revolutionary woman, but it ends up causing a wave of bad vibes with her partner if she is a Virgo. The Opposites do not always understand , in this case, it may not.

+The Aquarius woman will not be able to with the sensitivity of Pisces

The Pisces imagination will make the Aquarius woman stop to see if she can have a relationship with a water sign. Both can have a complicity never seen, but there will be too many obstacles for them to end up getting what they need. The great sentimental evenings can end up giving rise to a relationship based on incredible moments, but without any further foundation . It will be difficult for them to maintain the complicity out of bed that has led them to give themselves completely to an incredible love.

Beyond the intimate relationship between the two, it will be difficult for them to connect at the level of feelings . Pisces is extremely sensitive and will not be able to remain calm in front of an Aquarius who may need more than one person or who is helping others besides himself. The water sign will need a lot of attention and as you go through life together, the path may not be easy and it ends up costing you the relationship. Pisces jealousy is a bad travel advisor in this life that will eventually lead to an unstable relationship.

Now that you know what the Aquarius woman is like in love , do you agree with the horoscope and the compatibility of signs ? We read you in the comments!

Written by Giorgia Stromeo

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