Horoscope: the love compatibility between Leo and Pisces

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Horoscope predictions can be very useful especially in such delicate matters as love. When feelings are at stake, the more help you receive, the easier it will be to get away from suffering. If your partner is made up of a Leo and a Pisces, this is what the horoscope has to say about you. This is the love compatibility between a Pisces and a Leo according to what the horoscope describes of each zodiac sign.

Are Leo and Pisces Compatible?

Leos and Pisces are two of the most different signs that exist in the entire zodiac. And although it is sometimes said that opposite poles attract each other, in this case it would be becoming too general. It is a fire sign and a water sign that could form a couple , of course, but for it to work they would have to be very willing to fight for it. Therefore, it cannot be said that they are two completely incompatible signs, but they do have to be very much in love for the couple to work.

Leos give themselves a lot in their relationships and are very intense, while Pisces prefer to go little by little and keep an ace up their sleeve in case something goes wrong. This water sign is bothered by certain behaviors or attitudes of Leos . For example, they fall very passionately in love with their partner, but they are very intimate and prefer to keep their truest feelings inside. This way of being is also reflected in their relationship, which is why Leos find it a bit difficult to take the step of introducing their love to their friends, while Pisces are more social.

Pisces-Leo couples can develop a very deep love for each other, but there will be certain aspects that will distance them over time. However, many of these worn-out relationships will prefer to stick together rather than break and end the stability of habit.

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