How to Make Love to a Libra Man

How to Make Love to a Libra Man

Do you know how to make love to a Libra Man and that he really likes it?

The Libra man is responsible for some of the hottest zodiac sex in astrology. But can you keep up and find equally attractive ways to please him and make him moan? We say yes.

The seventh sign of the zodiac, Librans are represented by the scales (perhaps not the sexiest symbol) but, with Venus as their ruling planet, those born between September 23 and October 22 have a lot to offer in what it concerns romance and sexual satisfaction. Keeping your Libra man hooked on your late night sexual adventures is key.

How to Make Love to a Libra Man to Drive Him Crazy

We have 15 ways you can keep your favorite Libra man hooked on your ability to produce mind-blowing sex, learn below how to make love to a Libra man and drive him completely crazy, take note:

1. Be Adventurous

Your Libra man may not be a total monster between the sheets, but that doesn’t mean he won’t try new things. Appeal to his sense of adventure and help him walk on the wild side.

2. Be a Smart Linguist

Great conversation is one of Libra’s favorite forms of foreplay. Whether you dive in or trade witty jokes, these sex talks will pave the way for a wonderful night and pay off big in the end.

3. Don’t think about it too much

Instead of having those extra quiet minutes and doing nothing, take the opportunity for an early morning romp – there’s nothing Libra likes more than starting the day off with a bang!

4. Rear View Pose

This is one of her favorite positions , although in truth it is also one of many men, whether she gives it a squeeze, a pat or a serious massage: Libra’s butt is one of her erogenous zones.

5. Set the mood

To successfully seduce a Libra, you must balance physical and mental stimulation. Light candles, cook a romantic meal, create an atmosphere for love.

6. Give and take

We can’t stress it too much, Libras are all about balance! Let him seduce you too and make sure he knows exactly how much pleasure he is giving you.

7. Give a Good Massage

Everyone loves an erotic massage, but your Libra really delights in a very sensual touch.

8. Play Hard

There’s that give and take thing again! Don’t leave it all served when he calls you; let it chase you a bit and both of you will be even more satisfied when it catches you, this will spice it up a bit more.

9. Wear New Lingerie

Pounds appreciate unpacking a nice package. Surprise him with sexy lingerie and maybe a little creative landscaping, this will make him very horny and eager to devour you all at once.

10. Take control

Most Libras don’t want to be completely dominated, but they do appreciate having someone else take the reins from time to time. So take that step and take control of the situation, and if you ask her for a lot of safe sex she won’t complain.

11. Awaken the Senses

Appeal to all of your Libra’s senses in the bedroom.

Put on music for the occasion, light scented candles and maybe bring some tasty things to lick, you can put sweet things on your body or a drink, you will surely have it with all the taste in the world.

12. Enjoy the romance

Pounds are true romantics at heart and there is nothing to do against this. All those clichés like long walks on the beach, dinner and a movie, rose petals on the sheets will drive you crazy, so you don’t have it that hard, just go to a couples store or some mall and you will find a lot of this.

13. Enhance your Ego

Who doesn’t love compliments? Keep telling your Libra lover about everything. Whether it’s her stunningly beautiful eyes or her sensational singing voice, or her strong arms and make sure Libra knows it.

When it comes to compatibility, Libra loves flattery. It is not because it is superficial but because Libra is desperate to be loved . Your Libra lover doesn’t think you’ll stick around for a long time, so every time you praise him you’ll make Libra feel a little more secure.

14. Let me woo you

Any true romantic loves to court as much as they love to be courted. Then drop it! He will appreciate feeling like your knight in shining armor who is going to win you over no matter what.

15. Keep the Expectation

Remember a cheeky surprise every now and then keeps the passion alive. Wild unpredictability is a great way to send your Libra running for the hills.

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