How to make love to a man if I am pregnant?

How to make love to a man if I am pregnant?

Today we are going to address two very important issues that have been asking us, and that is how pregnancy affects sex between couples and we will also address 6 ideal sexual positions for this beautiful stage of your life, so pay close attention.

How to make love if I am pregnant?

Next we will teach you the ways to satisfy the complex and changing desires of pregnant women in order to continue having a full sexuality, while waiting for the arrival of the little one that will bring you so much happiness.

“I want affection and tenderness before sex. That is why it is better for my lover to start pampering and hugging me before the act. Little by little the sexual desire will rise. Also, in this state I’m in, it takes a bit of patience, ”says Andrea, who is due to give birth within two months.

It is no secret that pregnant women are quite sensitive and not only that, they are also very irritable at certain times of pregnancy. The genitals are almost always swollen and very reactive, the sensations are multiplied by ten, so it is not easy to control.

Therefore, you need to adopt a proper attitude during this period, so you know, you have to take it easy. Try to find an environment of sweetness, with hugs, you can also try massages with oils, passionate kisses, have your man caress you and make you warm up little by little.

Think oral sex

Everybody says it: this is the real moment of oral sex. Pregnant women appreciate the delicacy of this caress, it is almost a relief when a tongue comes to kiss these lips, it is pleasant, calm, and they like the little effort and simplicity that this position offers, in the same way women when they are pregnant They tend to practice oral sex much more until they become much more expert, so you know, give him as much oral sex as you want and you can 😛 sure he will be happy if you do it, and what man would not?

So both of you can give each other a lot of pleasure without being in a hurry, take the opportunity to explore more than you normally do.

Stand behind her

The position of the sleeping beauty is very good if you are pregnant, this consists of the woman lying on her stomach and waiting for her man to enter from behind, it is highly recommended during the first trimester of pregnancy because it allows the future mother to rest (or even sleep peacefully, as the name suggests).

Doggy style

In the second trimester, you can already practice doggy style, as it will prevent your baby’s stomach from compressing and will allow him to regain his orientation and sensations, you are sure to enjoy it too much.

The little spoon

Finally, in the third trimester a spoon will be chosen, it is undoubtedly the star position of pregnancy , which is especially welcome at the end of this cycle. What if! Softness and voluptuousness … it will make you explode with passion and love.

Avoid sodomy

This practice can cause health complications in a particularly microbial area. In addition, it should not be used in certain cases (risk of premature birth, twin pregnancy, dilation of the cervix). Only a doctor or midwife is allowed to tell you.

These are undoubtedly 6 excellent tips for making love in pregnancy, in the same way below we will be dealing with sex in pregnancy and how it affects the couple, take a look.

Sex in Pregnancy

Both women and men quickly notice this: During pregnancy, sexual relationships change. Do you know how we can handle this physical and psychological turmoil in this state? Here we will tell you everything you need to know about sex in pregnancy, at the end of the article you will find a tremendous guide, but first, tell us if you feel identified with the following.

We are always hearing that we could be having better sex, a better orgasm, or a better relationship. But how many times do we hear the gist of how we can better understand our deepest desires and most embarrassing questions? This website has recruited Camila Gutiérres, an expert sex therapist from Argentina, to help us with the details we need. No gender, sexual orientation, or question is off limits, and all questions remain anonymous.

Now for this week’s question: have a healthy sex life when you’re pregnant, see what we found:

Patient: My boyfriend and I are expecting our first child (I am 4 months pregnant). We had a healthy sex life before we got pregnant, but since we found out about the pregnancy, my boyfriend seems to have lost all interest in sex (and me too 🙁). He says he’s just afraid that sex will hurt the baby, but I’m worried that he’s no longer attracted to my body. On the other hand, it is incredible how I feel, I have never felt hotter in my life than in this state, so his disinterest is driving me crazy and I don’t know what to do.

Camila: First of all let me tell you, Congratulations! This should be a very exciting time for both of you, even with these frustrations that you are experiencing with your sex life, you should not let go of what is really happening. Remember that sex during pregnancy doesn’t really need to be that different from sex when you’re not pregnant, but many people can get unnecessarily stressed by it, so check out these six tips for having a healthy sex life during pregnancy.

1. Tell him to relax

Sex during pregnancy is very safe. It’s generally okay to have sex until the time the water breaks. You are not going to harm your fetus by having sex (and no, your boyfriend is not going to “hit” the fetus with his penis, or in any way). All the usual benefits of sex and orgasm still apply, albeit this time with lower blood pressure, better sleep, less pain, fewer headaches. Also, some women find that they have an easier orgasm during pregnancy than when they are not, so enjoy.

Like a warning, some pregnant women experience bleeding during or after intercourse. Mild cramps are also normal. If you see a small amount of blood, do not panic, but tell your doctor at your next appointment, you better be aware of everything. Of course, seek medical assistance if you notice a lot of blood or if you have severe pain.

2. Talk to your doctor together

Although it is generally agreed that sex during pregnancy is safe, your doctor is the expert on what is appropriate for this unique situation. If you have any complications with the pregnancy (such as previous bleeding, discharge, or miscarriages), your doctor may have some guidelines for you to follow so that you can have a smooth pregnancy.

If you haven’t discussed sex with your doctor yet, do so during your next appointment (or make a special appointment to discuss it).

Make sure your boyfriend comes to the appointment and ask him to prepare some questions for the doctor. Your partner may simply need reassurance that having sex will not cause him any harm.

Listening directly to a doctor can be very reassuring.

3. Talk to your partner about what is really happening

Have you and your boyfriend talked about the state of your sex life that you are really leading? Does your boyfriend know about the fears and insecurities that everything he says or does in you generates? Well, if you have not done it yet, it is very important that you two start talking about what is happening, since it is the best way to solve things and more in a stable relationship.

Getting pregnant is a huge milestone in your life and it is going to affect you in many ways. I know it is easy to take the loss of sex personal, but most likely his “hesitation” to call it that has nothing to do with him not being comfortable with sex with you or even with you in general. Your boyfriend or husband may be nervous about finances, also about how the baby will affect your relationship or what it will be like to be a parent, since it is for life. So you know, don’t go to make this a bigger problem.

Try saying something like this: “Love, I want to talk to you about our sex life. I really miss connecting with you in the way we used to, and I’m starting to feel a little insecure. I’d like to know that you’re still attracted to me. ” You can also ask, “We have a couple more months that I will be pregnant, so we better enjoy ourselves?” If you still find him uncomfortable, you may want to say, “I want to know that my needs are important to you, and you should know that intimacy is a need for me right now.” If you can’t seem to communicate with him, you may want to schedule a session with a couples expert or a sex therapist if you prefer that way.

4. Find which positions make both of you feel comfortable.

Putting your boyfriend or man at ease can be a matter of simply changing positions. If your boyfriend is afraid to be on top of you, try snuggling instead, or run to the edge of the bed. Lie on your back, cover your legs over the edge, and have your boyfriend kneel between your legs. Knowing that he’s not putting pressure on your belly can make your man more open to having sex with you.

Keep in mind that intercourse is not the only way for the two of you to connect sexually. There are many other ways you can be intimate – touching, having oral sex, masturbating together, talking about your fantasies, or using a sex toy. Doing other things together can help your boyfriend relax and feel more comfortable interceding.

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