How to make love to a man with chocolate?

How to make love to a man with chocolate?

The issue of the inclusion of chocolate in the sexual act has often been a topic that has attracted so much attention to both skeptics and chocolate enthusiasts around the world and it is not for less, it is that chocolate improves the mood drastically and it’s proven, so why not mix chocolate with sex? It will surely be an amazing sexual experience with which you will leave your man more than crazy about you.

So here are some great ideas to help you try chocolate sex, where delicious can create a unique and super sexy experience, pay attention.

1. Melt chocolate ice cream on his chest

What could attract men more than a melting chocolate ice cream on your chest that he can savor? You just have to spread a few scoops of chocolate ice cream all over your chest and order him to lick it all in one stroke without leaving a trace of it, not a single drop. A tip that we can give you here so that you can do it with more peace of mind is that you cover your bed with old sheets before performing this act, so you do not have to worry about cleaning it after finishing with your man.

2. Chocolate kisses

For this occasion when you are starting to warm him up in your bed or wherever they are, remember to take out a few chocolates and place them in his mouth while you give him the most passionate kisses you can, free yourself and enjoy, you will see that everything goes more than well.

3. Morning Banana Split

When your beloved wakes up, don’t wait long and put a little hot chocolate on his penis, he will be happy, immediately spread some cold ice cream so that he feels this contrast and excites it more.

Finally, if possible, apply a little whipped cream to it. The hot and cold sensation he feels when you do this will drive him crazy. Licking the ice cream on his penis with your tongue gently will excite him even more, to the point of driving him to the highest state of euphoria he has ever felt. Just be careful not to put the ice cream on the tip of the penis to avoid irritation or infection.

4. Chocolate scented candles

Light some chocolate-scented candles in the room where you will be alone. You will notice that the delicious smell of chocolate scented candles is an excellent mood enhancer, so they will have a perfect romantic mood ideal for making love. Do not worry that they are very easy to get and you will not have any problem.

5. Penetration with Chocolate Perfume

If you have a chocolate scented lotion you should use it as soon as possible, this smell turns them on more than watching a football final of their favorite team, spread the chocolate scented lotion generously over all the sensitive regions of your partner, while they have sex in different positions, the ones that you two enjoy the most.

Hold on and massage your butt, your chest, your arms and legs as well as other naughty parts, all while he enters deep into you.

Ask him to do the same with his sensitive regions. The tempting smell of chocolate and the sensation of having sex with this body lotion will drive you and your man crazy, it will be a meeting full of energy and wild sex.

6. Your body with the scent of chocolate

Nothing generates more passion than a body with the aroma of chocolate. You can find chocolate-scented baths and body potions called Chocomania at the perfume store. This Chocomania product line contains real cocoa butter and is soap-free, so it won’t irritate you. Be sure to test these products on small parts of your body or your loved one before going to bed as a passionate teenagers.

7. Kisses with Hershey

Lick the chocolate drops from a Hershey’s Kisses and ask him to stick them on his body, in the places where he wants you to pay attention, we already know where he will put them 🙂, then you must eat them one by one, When you finish, ask him to return the favor and enjoy it to the fullest, it will be a crazy night.

8. The Chocolate Games

This time the rule of the game is very easy. Prepare a box of chocolates and a list of questions about the two of you, such as tastes or things you think the other would like to do. Remember to put on your sexiest underwear for this occasion.

Now face your man and one by one they take turns asking each other questions. Whoever gives the correct answer will be rewarded with a piece of chocolate and the opportunity to command his partner to perform any sexual act according to the desire of his heart and body. Whoever answers wrong will have to follow the instructions of the couple, so it is a win win.

Written by Giorgia Stromeo

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