How to Make Love to a Womanizing Man

how to make love to a womanizing man

6 Things a Woman has to do for a Womanizer Man to love only her …

You’ve probably wondered: What do girls in movies do to figure out how to make love to a womanizing man? That dream boy everyone dies for because he’s so confident and he’s so cute.

It is not simple and it can be dangerous, your heart could be broken into a thousand pieces because these guys often do not change, even if they are interested in a specific girl, so take a look at the following tips.

How to Make Love to a Womanizer Man?

As we said, you should be careful as it can be dangerous, but if this man drives you crazy and you want to conquer him and take him to bed you should do the following:

1. Take care of your appearance

You are beautiful by nature and you should always be yourself, but it is not the way love is born. Nobody falls in love when they first see your personality, it is a sad reality, but that’s life.

It would be great to be able to see people’s souls at first glance, right? Since this is not the case, try to do a little more than normal each time you see this man (without exaggeration).

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You should not apply a lot of makeup because many guys do not like that, but it is good to dress in a pleasant way to surprise him from time to time, also once in bed you know what to do.

2. Don’t go out with him right away

This charming boy always has the women he wants, where and when he wants, so don’t be one of them. That will make you distinguish in the sea from many “friends” . If you are asked out try to postpone it for another day, don’t be rude , just say something came up and you will have to change the date (try to set another date at the same time so that the boy does not forget that he invited you). It will make him impatient to go out with you and will want you much more than usual.

3. Be Patient

Men do not like it when you act jealous so stay calm and although you will always have a bit of insecurity, you will see that he will love this. Seeing that you are selfless and unaffected will attract their attention more. He might wonder in his head, does he have another man and so he doesn’t care what I do? At this moment you already have it and this applies the same for sex, now, if you are on a date and you are flirting with everyone in front of you, leave it, you must respect yourself.

4. Show yourself different

Falling in love with you, for a womanizing man, is possible if you show yourself differently and from the first meeting show him that you are serious, that you do not like casual dates and that you have many qualities that every man likes in a woman. Take advantage of the talks , try to be the typical girl, try to please him in everything. With you, it has to be different. When you meet him, allow him to talk and tell you about his likes, interests, and abilities. Tell him about yours too.

5. Flirtatious look

Flirtatious looks are always a good sign, that means that they like you and that you should respond with an answer. You have to try to avoid intimacy issues as these guys want to get it easily and even though it’s hard to resist, you have to wait a while to remain interesting to him. If you give him everything fast, he will get bored and jump to the next girl without thinking about you. Control your desire!

6. Don’t harass him

Today, the social network is a great tool to know everything about the person we love, but it is also something that can help to ruin relationships very easily. Don’t let him know about all of your moves, or that you like or love all of his posts. Even if you do this, it will also make him think that you are waiting all day for him to post something so you can see it and give your opinion on it.

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You should also take into account that a womanizer despite being in love can become unfaithful. If you are a vulnerable girl and you think it is too much for you, it is best to withdraw from the game and find the quiet boy who only wants you. Many girls say that “men are all the same”, but the problem is that we all choose the same qualities, we always follow a pattern in the boys that attract us. And if he always likes to be with different women. Use these tips wisely and be careful.

His way of being is like this, although we all meet one day with that person who changes everything. You can be that girl, the one who upsets her whole world. There are ways of treating a man that will drive him crazy and thanks to him he will not stop thinking about you, this love is a strategy game that some women know and understand very well and they work to achieve what they want.

Men, regardless of whether they are a womanizer or not, are simple and don’t ask for much . But sometimes there are guys who are just thinking about the next conquest. The serious relationship is not important to them because they just want to have fun and count the numbers of their success. It is your job to make such a man win you over and not the others. And so that it stays with you.

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