How to recognize an infidelity the first time


Sometimes relationships are not two, but three. Infidelity is the order of the day and we do not quite understand why polyamory is not established in our lives to at least eliminate the part of deception and betrayal that comes with sleeping with a third person. We know how to recognize infidelity the first time . Do not let that fool you.

How to know that your boyfriend is cheating on you

No matter how much your boyfriend swears and perjures you that he is not cheating on you with another, no matter how much he accuses you of being jealous and paranoid and no matter how much he insists that you cannot accuse him if you do not see him with your own eyes, you are very sure he’s sleeping with another woman . And how do you know? Because it is known.

An unfaithful man leaves undeniable traces from the first moment. Signs such as nervousness, looking away, mood swings, changing schedules and the discovery of new interests are quite determinants of infidelity. And your boyfriend can always claim a high degree of stress and a sudden interest in his personal development to alleviate the effects of stress.

But you know your boyfriend and you know that his interest in knowing himself does not go beyond exceeding himself on the Playstation. So something is happening and it is another woman. Your boyfriend may not recognize that he is having an affair , but his mobile phone will do it for him and you don’t even need to invade his privacy. You don’t have to gossip on his phone because he won’t leave it within your grasp for a second.

When you see all those signs and when you are surprised by the amount of time your boyfriend wants to spend alone with any excuse, when you no longer have to ask him to take the garbage down because he volunteers, act. You will know what endurance your heart has, if you are willing to forgive infidelity or prefer to break up immediately. But tell him that you know, that you know that he is unfaithful and do not allow him to prolong the deception any longer.

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