How to recognize an infidelity to your partner


Fidelity seems to be one of those great pillars where couple relationships are sustained . When the pillar of fidelity fails, the pillar of trust and communication also collapses. That is why we avoid at all costs admitting an infidelity to our partner. What is not counted has never happened. Until they discover you and you must confess the infidelity.

How to confess an infidelity

We are not going to enter into the debate of the reasons why you have cheated on your partner, much less are we going to enter into moral evaluations. Infidelity is there, planning on couples and it happens in the best families. It is still a mistake as soon as you break the commitment of sexual exclusivity that you have with your partner, but infidelity is not the end of the world either.

What matters most to us right now is how to manage your infidelity . Do you tell your partner? Telling your boyfriend that you love him madly but that you have slept with another man without really knowing why it is not easy for you or your partner. You must bear in mind that infidelity is not always forgiven , so if you confess, you risk a romantic breakup.

This fear of emotional breakdown is what creates the commonly accepted idea that an infidelity must always be denied. Never admit to your partner that you have been unfaithful. With a bit of luck, you yourself will forget about that slip with time and you will once again consider yourself sentimentally and morally flawless . The biggest problem is if your partner finds out.

Because if your boyfriend discovers your infidelity you are going to have to admit it yes or yes. And how you do it can determine the course of your relationship . First of all, you must assess whether the infidelity has occurred because you no longer love your partner. If not, you can always make an eloquent speech against monogamy and in favor of polyamory.

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