I think my partner has Tinder: how to find out without spying on his mobile

i think my partner has tinder

The ultimate trick to know if your boy is unfaithful to you

That Tinder is a singles paradise we all know. We refer to that magical application that allows you to meet other singles for a quick foreplay, for a friendship or even for a possible relationship. Singles are in luck with this app but … Watch out! Among the Tinder profiles we find many paired ones. Do you think your partner has Tinder? We tell you how to find out without spying on your mobile.

Does your partner have Tinder?

Yes. We regret to inform you that among the profiles of singles on Tinder there are also people in a relationship, married or not , who are looking for an adventure. This infidelity is premeditated and treacherous, it is not a one-night stand. We already know that making a Tinder profile is not done by chance or unintentionally .

Either way, you suspect that your partner has Tinder. The intention of cheating on you is clear and evident, what is not so clear is that he has signed up for the most popular flirting application in the world. And how to find out? The first intention is to look on your mobile, of course. But it turns out that at least you have certain ethical impediments that prevent you from invading the intimacy of your partner.

Good for you. You can’t look at your partner’s cell phone to see if they are looking for an adventure on Tinder, but you can look at your own cell phone, right? That is why it is yours. Take note and find out if your partner is on Tinder.

Trick to know if your partner is on Tinder

Are you ready? Well. Download the application to flirt but wait … Don’t make a profile with your name and your photos . It’s about being a private detective and the matter requires discretion. Choose photos without faces, landscapes or even an actress who represents you. Do not go to put someone else’s photo without their permission, we get into legal trouble.

Now choose a name, the one you like the most, a different profession and fill in your profile or description playing the distraction. Change the search criteria on Tinder and restrict the search for candidates to less than 5 kilometers. Your partner won’t be any further, right? And also take into account the age of your partner.

The festival of photos, likes and matches begins. Play a little, don’t be shy, maybe you get a taste for it and discover other possibilities for your boyfriend’s alleged infidelity. And go passing photos. Maybe you find your boyfriend staring you in the face with his sexiest photo . Is there? Not so fast.

With this method to find out if your boyfriend is on Tinder, two things can happen: that you find him the first time with his photo and his real name or that you have to investigate and enter the flirting game to discover him under a false identity. If it is the first case, let us tell you that that boy underestimates you too much, you will see what you do with your relationship from now on .

The dangers of finding your boyfriend on Tinder

If it is the second case, you run the risk of falling in love with someone else. Not? Notice. You chat with all those guys you have connected with, whether they have a photo or not. Many of them are very pleasant, others will be more mysterious and you will see in the first conversation that they have something to hide. Among them is your boyfriend, but you’ve already got hooked on the conversation with that guy who doesn’t surf, climb or travel to India and all you want is to meet him in person.

What happened here? If you had only entered to look for evidence of your partner’s infidelity . Welcome to the world where relationships based on suspicion are not worth it . Talk to your boyfriend if you want to know if he is being unfaithful to you. And if it doesn’t convince you … Go to the dark side. Leave your partner and find another nail on that newly discovered Tinder. Of course, now you no longer need a false profile.

Written by Giorgia Stromeo

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