Infidelity and friendship: when you cheat with your best friend

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Infidelity is one of those problems that continually hover over relationships . And any type of infidelity is difficult to digest because it always represents a betrayal of trust. But we are wondering what happens if they cheat on you with your best friend , because in that case it is a double betrayal.

How to get over your boyfriend cheating on you with your best friend

The news falls on you like a bomb. Your boyfriend and your best friend have slept and the whole world is falling apart. It is not just an infidelity from your partner, it comes with the gift of a betrayal from your best friend . How has it been possible? Do not try to understand the ins and outs of infidelity because there is no answer that can relieve you.

To be honest, in the face of a double deception of this type there is no room for forgiveness. If in some cases you can consider forgiving an infidelity , of course this is not the case. It is urgent to break the relationship, with your boyfriend and with your best friend. Share the blame equally between the two and do not try to justify one or the other because it is not about justifications. It’s about damages.

And repairing the damage of feeling betrayed by two of the people you love the most is not something they can do. Forget about them and focus on yourself, on recovering your self-esteem , on convincing yourself that you have not done anything wrong that has led them to deceive you. An infidelity of your partner is not something that you have caused, nor the deception of your best friend.

Ideally, you would put some distance to forget about this episode that makes for a whole drama in verse, but it is not always possible. And it is not a matter of leaving everything in the hands of time because time is sometimes not able to heal wounds. Change your social circle as much as you can, change everything around you because only then will you be able to overcome a deception of these characteristics.

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