Is it normal to dream of bears? All their meanings exposed

dream of bears

It is not frequent to see a bear in your day to day life and yet dreaming of bears is one of the most frequent dreams. Dreams about animals can have positive or negative interpretations, but it is undeniable that they contain a more powerful special force than in other types of dreams. Animals have a message for you and you should keep it in mind. Discover in our dream dictionary what it means to dream of bears .

Why do you dream of bears

Did you know that in some cultures the bear is related to the moon ? That gives an almost magical nuance to this dream in which the protagonist is this curious animal so contradictory because it inspires as much tranquility as it is danger. Is the bear a calm or ferocious animal ? Well it all depends on the situation you are in.

We often have the image of a calm bear, at its own pace, without messing with anyone, even in those periods of hibernation when it is not even sensed. An animal with slow gestures that is busy looking for food, lover of the simple and uncomplicated life. And this image is true, because the bear is the most calm .

And yet, we cannot avoid associating him with violence, with the enormous force, with that famous blow that can end your life. The bear symbolizes on many occasions the warrior , the audacity , the bravery , the power , the brute force . As you can see, the characteristics of the bear are most contradictory. But this is how life is, contradictory and survival depends precisely on the ability to adapt , on the versatility when using some characteristics or others according to the circumstances. And this is something that works for both bears and people.

The different meanings of dreaming about bears

With this, you may begin to understand a little better why you dream of bears. At least you have the direction where the interpretation is heading, but logically the concrete meaning will depend on what happens in the dream and your life circumstances. So let’s find the meaning of the most frequent dreams about bears .

+ Dreaming that a bear attacks you

It is strange that a bear attacks you in real life unless it feels in danger, but in dreams this scene is very frequent. Taking into account the size of the bear and the enormous strength it has, we can understand that the meaning of the dream speaks of your fear of a danger that you sense too great to face; at least without help.

+ Dreaming that you see bears

Many people watch birds , but you are watching a few bears. You are far away, you do not feel any danger, you are just a spectator who notices how they act, what they eat, how they relate to each other. This dream indicates your curiosity and a certain desire to learn about these animals, their characteristics, at least those that can serve you in your life.

+ Dreaming that you kill bears

If you understand the bear as a danger that stalks you, that you kill him is still a positive dream. The fights with wild animals are frequent in dreams and speak of a very positive attitude , very decisive when facing the problems you have in your day to day. To end the bear in dreams is to end the danger, the problem or the worry that does not let you sleep.

+ Dreaming that a bear is chasing you

This dream occurs when you sense the risk but still don’t know what it is. You run, but the bear is chasing you and fear is the dominant feeling. In your real life you will surely not have a problem with any bear, but maybe you are having problems with an authority figure or with someone you think is stronger than you .

+ Dreaming that you have a bear as a pet

In dreams you can have the typical cat as a pet, but you can also have a tiger, a snake , a mouse and, why not, a bear on your sofa . A bear is still a protective figure and you may dream of this bear as a pet because you need to increase your self-confidence . If you live with too much uncertainty and insecurity , the bear represents all those certainties that you need.

+ Dreaming that you sleep with a bear

Do you have a bear in bed? But it’s not stuffed , it’s a real bear. And surely you are both hibernating, quietly in bed until the winter is over. This dream speaks of the need to take a break , to reflect calmly, to do an exercise in introspection and the time you need to make decisions; without haste, with patience, with intelligence.

+ Dream that you are a bear

Most of the dreams in which you see yourself turned into an animal reflect your unconscious need to collect and assimilate the best characteristics of that animal . In the case of the bear, it can be the feeling of power, strength, courage, protection, self-confidence, reflection, self-control or even leadership skills.

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