Lalophobia: are you afraid to dialogue?


There are phobias of all kinds and many are related to communication. This is the case of lalophobia , an irrational fear to dialogue or speak with someone that differs from that classic fear of speaking in public that we all suffer to a greater or lesser extent. Are you afraid to speak? Maybe you have this phobic disorder called lalophobia that we talk about in our phobia dictionary .

What is lalophobia

Lalophobia is the fear of speaking or dialoguing. It should not be confused with glossophobia , that fear of speaking in public or giving a speech before a large number of people, but in reality the basis is very similar. An irrational fear that prevents you from speaking and expressing yourself as you wish.

People who suffer from lalophobia notice their fear when they have to speak with strangers, but also with relatives, which causes countless problems due to their refusal to dialogue . Without talking, you cannot solve conflicts, but you can increase them.

Symptoms of lalophobia

When a person with lalophobia finds himself in a situation where he has to talk, for example at a family meal, all he wants is to run away. Thus, the behavior known as avoidance occurs, which occurs in all phobias and cannot always be carried out successfully.

If that person cannot avoid the situation or the stimulus, what happens is that a series of symptoms are unleashed that are the same as those of anxiety and that usually translate into dizziness, palpitations, anguish, sweating and panic attack. Obsessive thoughts also occur when you are aware that you are suffering from unreal and inordinate fear.

Causes of lalophobia

Most people wonder what the origin of their phobia is and a specific cause is not always found. Anxiety disorders are a common source of phobias that seem to come out of nowhere, but also traumatic experiences lived in the past and there it seems that we can find a more specific origin.

If in childhood a person felt neglected, that they were not listened to or even received some teasing that affected them when they said something, it is possible that this experience develops a phobia in adulthood. Because the greatest fear of people with lalophobia is that no one will listen to them or that they will laugh at their words .

Treatment of lalophobia

While disorders like glossophobia may go unnoticed in the lives of some people who will not have to put themselves in a public speaking situation, lalophobia is a more obvious problem, as you have to talk every day . Hence, this phobia is closely related to low self-esteem and sometimes leads to social phobia and isolation.

Therefore, it is very important to seek psychological help to overcome lalophobia. Cognitive behavioral therapy is the most effective to treat phobias since it works with both distorted thinking and behavior, but in this case, Neuro-Linguistic Programming therapy can help a lot.

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