Love compatibility for the Sagittarius man

love compatibility for the sagittarius man

We rely on the horoscope to shed some light on how human relationships work . On this occasion we wonder who those of the zodiac sign Sagittarius are most related to. They are said to be passionate and adventurous. They need a bit of life because otherwise they get bored. However, are you looking for a woman who is like him or the opposite to complement each other? The horoscope tells us about love compatibility for the Sagittarius man.

The horoscope of the Sagittarius man

Sagittarius men, as a good Fire sign, need someone by their side who explodes like he does and who gives himself so much . Therefore, it is always said that they have a lot of compatibility with Aries and Leo women . Even with those of the same sign, the Sagittarius has a lot of affinity. However, and although it may seem strange due to their difference in personality, they are highly compatible with Aquarius women . Their way of being complements each other very well since they know how to understand each other and put themselves in each other’s shoes.

However, with Gemini or Virgo men, neither fu nor fa. They will not be joined by an immediate passion nor will it be a crush that unites them, however, they can forge a good love relationship if they manage to build a consolidated couple. With Scorpio women they will also have disagreements but they can be very friends. If Libra women stop being so straight and perfect , they could fall in love with a Sagittarius man.

Pisces and Cancer, we have bad news for you if you are in love with a Sagittarius man: your degree of compatibility with this sign is quite low. You may never feel that chemistry that the Sagittarius man needs. More or less the same thing happens with Capricorn and Taurus women. Those of this sign find them a bit boring for their taste. However, why not give it a try.

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