Love rituals for Valentine’s that last all year

love rituals for valentines that last all year

The most effective love moorings for February 14

Valentine is the maximum expression of love. A party that has been celebrated since the death of a priest , Valentine , who fought so that marriages between young people could be celebrated. Because love has no age, right? Claudius II forbade these marriages to get young boys to become soldiers. Faced with such a situation, the fight for love and not war gave rise to a celebration that has its origin in the third century, on February 14, 270, Valentine would die to save love. Since that day, the world remembers their struggle that managed to materialize in society. Love comes at any age, young or not so young, each new person that crosses our path is different.

They say that the first love is never forgotten, but each new love will be like the first. The initial nerves and the discovery of a new body and spirit are always exciting. Even if we feel like we are teenagers or young again, each experience is worth living with the same intensity. Without fear of love, contact or emotions, nothing is comparable to those feelings that arise out of nowhere. Like a force that is born from a seed that we plant, it begins to prepare the ground for love, take note of these love rituals that you can perform on Valentine’s Day and that will maintain their effect throughout the year.

Ritual of love with sugar for Valentine’s Day

One of the elements that are most used in love rituals is sugar . You can also use honey . They are two of the elements that serve to attract the right person to our lives. A kind of enhancer of what the universe has in store for us, love is something that is not controlled, it simply appears and is. To give it a boost on Valentine’s Day we need :

  • 2 tablespoons sugar you .
  • 1 blank sheet.
  • 1 rose petal.
  • 1 red candle.

How to perform the ritual of love with sugar? Step by step :

  1. On the blank sheet we draw a circle , we can use a glass or a bottle to make it perfect.
  2. On one side we write our name and on the other: “Love of my life, come to me . I am open to receiving true love. “
  3. We put the paper with our name facing up, we put the sugar on it . On top we will have the rose petal.
  4. We light the red candle and when the wax falls on the paper we extinguish the candle. We fold the paper without dropping the sugar. We will keep this paper as a talisman until love appears .

Valentine’s Day ritual with cinnamon to regain love

This Valentine’s Day may be the right time to get our love back. That person with whom we have shared half our lives, but the relationship goes through some problems or there is a third person. If you want to recover that person you can make a mooring with cinnamon, to get it you need .

  • 1 photo of that person you love.
  • 1 plato.
  • 2 cinnamon sticks.
  • 1 red candle.
  • Red thread .
  • 2 tablespoons of honey.
  • 1 red pen.

How to perform a Valentine’s Day ritual to regain love? Step by step :

  1. We write our name and yours on the back of the photograph . We roll up the photograph and tie it with the red thread.
  2. We will tie 7 knots to the thread repeating your name and ours . We place this element on a shallow plate.
  3. We place the honey , on it we will put the candle. Being sticky it will gain stability.
  4. Around we have the two cinnamon sticks , one will be the one with its name, we say it and put it aside. The other will be us, we repeat it and put it aside.
  5. We light the candle and let it burn. While we turn him on we repeat his name and ours once more.
  6. Honey and cinnamon are powerful channels of energy , with the candle and the photo we can amplify their strength.
  7. When the candle has burned out, we bury the whole set or throw it away . The relationship will improve or recover after this home tie.

Other rituals for February 14 with which you will be lucky in love

+Ritual to find love on Valentine’s Day if you are single : take one of your favorite jewels, your perfume and a handkerchief. Spray the latter with the perfume and wrap your jewel in it. Hold it in your hands and recite: ‘It is the day of love, it is the year of love. Appear in my life and stay in it forever. I’m waiting for you’.

+Love ritual to rekindle the spark in a long relationship : for this Valentine’s Day ritual , take a garment of yours and one of your partner, tie them at the ends creating a circle with them (it is very easily done with two shirts because you can tie the sleeves from one to the other). Stand in the center of the circle and recite: ‘It is the day of love, it is the year of love. We will be united, closer and more in love than ever. ‘

Written by Giorgia Stromeo

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