Love spells under the full moon, enhance their effect!

love spells under the full moon

The full moon is a very strong energy enhancer to perform love spells . If you know how to use it properly, it is a guarantee of success in your spells. We tell you everything you need to know to make the most of its power.

Love spells under the full moon

Without a doubt, full moon nights are the best times to do love spells. Our satellite reflects sunlight and this makes this powerful cosmic energy much stronger. However, not all love spells require the light of the full moon to run, some is best performed in other lunar phases or even the full light of day because they do not require much power. However, there are some spells that need it. We explain which ones.

+Lasting Spells : Many spells have a limited effect because they try to modify the will of the targets (the people they are aimed at) and it is not uncommon for them to feel or think again as they did before. If you want the effect of your love spell to last in time, the ideal is to do it on a full moon night. Within this category would be the spells to get another person to notice you. If you want their interest to last, perform the following spell on a full moon night: write that person’s name on a piece of paper and yours on another. Face them and fold them. Store them in a velvet pouch overnight.

+Lunar exposure : sometimes it is not enough that there is a full moon, but it must affect with its light some of the ingredients or elements that we use in each spell. Sometimes it may even be necessary to leave these objects in a window or on the terrace overnight so that they absorb as much energy as possible. That is the case of the following spell to find love. In a glass bowl with water, add a handful of rose petals and a rose quartz and leave them in the open air overnight. Then you must carry the stone stored in your bag or put if it is part of a jewel.

+Complex Spells: There are some spells that require more practice in the field of magic to work and, of course, more energy. These are those who pursue difficult or unlikely goals to achieve. To be effective, we need to use the power of the moon and yet there are times that, if we claim something that the Universe does not consider positive for us, they will not work. This is the case with spells that prevent love breakups. Keep a picture of a happy moment under your pillow along with a sprig of lavender during a full moon night. Before putting it away, pronounce the following spell: ‘full moon lend us your energy to stay together and overcome all problems’.

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