Luxury sneakers for men: the designer dream shoes

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The world of men’s sneakers is dominating fashion. Initially thought of as sports shoes to be used on playgrounds, sneakers have quickly emerged from this limited use to become the favorite model for men all over the world for everyday outfits, so much so that all high end Brands have invested in this type of footwear.
Comfortable, versatile, and perfect for any occasion, men’s sneakers now represent the role model within the fashion scene and have begun to tread the most important catwalks, totally challenging the most ironclad rules that used to direct fashion shows and becoming the dominating accessories, designed by world-class designers and made by the most famous designers.
In this article, we will tell you about “sneaker culture” and will reveal what are the trends for winter 2023/2024 in luxury sneakers mens.

“Sneaker culture” and luxury men’s sneakers of the moment

Today sneakers are the most iconic symbol of urban culture, but they also stand for something more. If in the past they were first considered as simple sports shoes and then as comfortable models perfect to complete casual looks and daily outfits, today they have taken another step forward. Under the influence of luxury brands, men’s sneakers have made their way into the high fashion scene, becoming the stars of the most prestigious fashion shows and true exclusive style icons of enormous value.
This has given birth to new designer and highly sought-after luxury sneakers for men, to be worn not only during the day in leisure time, but also with elegant outfits and office business looks.

The combination of Haute Couture and Sneakers is leading to the creation of new models of men’s luxury sneakers, made with premium materials, novel designs and innovative technology, as well as shoes from the past completely revisited or with strong differences. In addition, the most prestigious fashion brands have also begun to offer rare models and limited editions that become true exclusive works of art to be worn or simply to be collected.

Among the luxury sneakers models for men at the moment are the minimal sneakers, with a vintage 80s flavor, classic and chic at the same time, ideal for those who want to maintain an understated and distinct style. The 90s sneakers for men are also among the proposals of the moment, characterized by trainer uppers and vintage colors. The same goes for the Gorpcore version models, much loved especially by Generation Z: these are men’s sneakers that combine fashion and technical outdoor wear with Spartan charm, with high rubber soles and muted colors, between beige and grey.

Luxury sneakers for men: trends for the winter season 2023/2024

We will now see what the most recent fashion shows have highlighted in terms of luxury sneakers trends for men for the cold season.

First, let’s start with color. Exactly, because one particular color took center stage on the runway: we are talking about green, in all its shades (olive, neon, forest, etc.). For winter 2023/2024, if you want to buy a pair of luxury sneakers for men, go all in on green, absolutely the coolest color of the season.

Let’s move on to the material that will be going for the most: also in this case there is no doubt that retro suede sneakers will take center stage. Models with simple uppers and low soles, in perfect college style and very sophisticated, are to be preferred. In this case, you can also afford to go for more flashy and bright colors. Leather sneakers will also have a place of honor among the winter trends, with lace-up models with a thick silhouette and modern and original design.

One more trend is expected to be luxury trail sneakers: these are men’s shoes with massive tank-style soles. A trend that takes the Gorpcore style and gives it new originality, with even more distinctive models.
We will conclude with men’s luxury sneakers that express the ‘basketball style’ aesthetic of the bygone days, but with futuristic design, highly valuable technical and dynamic details, and truly special textures and color compositions.

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