Who is Marilyn Bonachea, Salvador Magluta ex girlfriend

Who is Magluta’s ex girlfriend, where she lives, how old is she


Marilyn Bonachea is Salvador ”Sal” Magluta ex girlfriend; she was his fiancée in the 1970s and they firstly met when the woman was only fifteen years old.

Their lives will be narrated in the Netflix’s documentary ”Cocaine Cowboys: The King of Miami”, which will be avaible on the platform from the 4th of august.

The documentary will be a six part saga and will be focused on the story of the 80s’ Drug Lords Salvador ”Sal” Magluta and Augusto ”Willie” Falcon.

Salvador ''Sal'' Magluta and Augusto ''Willie'' Falcon

In the documentary, directed by Billy Corben, we will able to make a journey in the life of the Cocaine Cowboys trough many testimonials released by collaborators, drug criminals and ex girlfirend which collaborated with Sal and Willie.

One of the most importan witness will be Marilyn Bonachea, so we ask: who’s she? How she meet Sal? Where is she now? Let’s discover it 🙂

Who is Marilyn Bonachea

Marilyn Bonachea is a cuban girl who grew up in New York city. 

In 1971 she relocated with her family in Miami and, when she was only fifteen, met Salvador ”Sal” Magluta in a local Jewish-Cuban bakery who he owned.

marilynss 300x161

When Marilyn first knew Sal, she didn’t like the future drug Lord because she realized that he could be arrogant and brash.

Despite her first impression over Sal, she decided to give him her digital number and they began to write each other. Their messages continued over several weeks and, finally, Marilyn falled in love with Salvador.

The story lasted until the young woman discovered that Sal was unfaithful and got another girl pregnant.

Although the romantic affair ended, the couple continued to meet over the years for short periods.

When Sal was arrested in 1991 by the Federal Autorithies, Marilyn Bonachea became his most trusted confident and helped her ex boyfriend to continue his drug traffics.

In 1996 Marilyn was arrested too but she negotiated her freedom with the Federel Bureau in exchange of important informations about Cocaine Cowboys’ illegal traffics.

For over a year, Marilyn was a fugitive residing in the New York and New Jersey area, where she was delivered thousands of dollars to remain in hiding

She was apprehended again in 1998 and she decided to collaborate with Feds.

Where is Marilyn Bonachea now

According to the documentary production, Marilyn Bonachea is on a lot of medication because of her depression and bipolar disorder.

marilyn 300x166

She decides to testify in court against her ex boyfriend Sal and his partner Augusto Willie Falcon and her testimonial played a key role in their convictions.

Actually she lives in Florida city and works as a consultant after she graduated in Speech Communication at the University of Miami.



Written by Giorgia Stromeo

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