Money and love when dreaming of bees: the meaning of your dream

dreaming of bees

Although many of us do not like to meet bees in the field, the truth is that these animals symbolize industriousness and prosperity. And in that positive sense dreams with bees are often interpreted. So, unless you suffer from entomophobia and are afraid of any insects, rest assured if in the morning you remember bees in your dreams. Do you want to know more about the meaning of dreaming about bees ? Pay attention to what our dream dictionary says !

The positive meanings of dreaming about bees

In general, dreaming of bees is a very positive interpretation that speaks of your love, social and work life. If in your dreams you see bees flying freely in the field without having any intention of attacking you, it means economic prosperity, satisfactory social relationships and a full love life .

Love , especially the arrival of a new love , appears in your dreams if the bee is perched on a flower collecting its nectar. And the money or the arrival of money that will get you out of more than one trouble is reflected in the dream in which you see yourself taking honey from a hive.

The hives are what represent your work life, so pay attention to the details of your dream, because if the bees are working normally and effectively in the hive, it is interpreted as a reflection of your own professional career . And without a doubt, the best omen is to dream of a queen bee, because it is an announcement of a long season of financial benefits and happiness .

The negative meanings of dreaming about bees

But since everything in life has its negative side, its yin and its yan, you have to be careful if the behavior of bees while you sleep is aggressive. As in other dreams about animals , if you see yourself attacked by them, it means that work problems are coming .

The sting of a bee tells you about complications at work, love betrayals or health risks . So take a look at your most unstable environment and where you are most in danger of encountering difficulties. Because both the sting of bees and observing them in a hostile attitude is interpreted as a warning of danger.

In any case, the interpretation of dreams with bees is based, like the rest of dreams, on the sensations that it has produced in you . At the end of the day, your subconscious knows well what it wants to tell you, whether you should be calm and safe or, on the contrary, start protecting yourself.

The most frequent bee dreams and their interpretation

We have already advanced some general meanings of dreaming about bees, but a more concrete interpretation depends on the context of the dream and your own life context. These are the most frequent dreams in which bees appear .

+ Dreaming of the buzzing of a bee

You may not be seeing the animal in question, but that annoying buzzing does not leave you at any time of the day. You listen to it at work, you listen to it while you eat, you listen to it on the subway, you listen to it even when you go to sleep in bed. That buzz is a warning of something important that you are forgetting . Or also an emotional discomfort that you are trying to ignore.

+ Dreaming that you kill bees

Generally, it is a positive dream in the sense that you are ending certain dangers that you had around you. We have already talked about how a bee sting speaks of work problems, love betrayals, family arguments or misunderstandings with friends. That is why killing those bees in your dreams is one way to solve the problem that is bothering you .

+ Dreaming that you observe bees

In your dream it is as if you were with them in their own habitat, you accompany them on their collection flight, you return with them to their hive and see how they organize themselves, how they divide the work and how they manage to transform nectar into honey. Your position as an attentive observer indicates your desire to learn and your need to improve your skills or develop your abilities to take better advantage of them, to get more out of them.

+ Dreaming that you are allergic to a bee sting

You’re in the field and some bees stung you. Unfortunately, it is a very common situation and it is very annoying. But in your case it goes further because you are allergic to that bite and you have to go to the doctor as soon as possible. This dream that can become a nightmare indicates that you feel overwhelmed by problems , that you are in a moment of low self-esteem in which you believe that you will not be able to do everything, that you will not be capable.

+ Dreaming that you live with bees

The bees wander around your house and in your garden, you sit down to have a tea and they approach you but you are not afraid of them nor do they attack you. In this dream the bees are like your pet, as if you had bees instead of a dog or a cat. This dream may seem surreal to you, but the positive emotions it transmits give you the clue of its meaning: you feel safe among the bees, you trust them as you trust yourself and your own worth. It is a dream of well-being and balance and you are so close to achieving it that you can already feel it in your dreams.

+ Dreaming that you talk to bees

In many dreams with animals these scenes of conversations with them appear . In the case of bees, which have their own communication system, the dream indicates that you need to find new ways of relating to your environment . It happens at times when you feel out of place or when a series of misunderstandings have taken you away from yours.

What do bees symbolize in your dreams

Perhaps your dream with bees does not appear among those that we have interpreted, so we are going to give you the keys so that you can find the meaning for yourself. This is something you can do if you know the dream symbolism of bees , so let’s go.

The most obvious symbolism of bees and the one we all know is that of effort , work capacity and teamwork. These animals turn their effort into a reward as special as honey, a product that also has a very powerful symbolism. See what color the honey is. It is golden and that is why it has connotations in dreams like those of gold itself: power, prosperity, recognition .

But let’s go back to bees because they symbolize much more than work. They symbolize such important aspects in life as cooperation , intelligence , the ability to solve problems and, therefore, to make decisions. They also symbolize wealth and good luck , loyalty , love , nobility and the ability to organize .

There is another aspect of bees that you can take into account in your dream and that is communication. Did you know that bees communicate with each other through their movements that end up becoming a real dance? With these movements between them the information of where to go to collect the best nectar is transmitted. Perhaps it is this communicative ability that the ancient Greeks considered bees the birds of the muses.

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