Who is Park Seong-hwa, Ateez member, dating now? Instagram, bio, wiki

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Park Seong-hwa is a corean singer who belongs to Ateez, the 8 member band borned in Seul (South Corea) in 2018.

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The band was found by Kim Hongjoong and Seong-hwa is one of the voice with the other singer Wooyoung.

The guys who compose the band are very tie to each other and they live together on and out of the stage.

They like to travel the world to collect beautiful memories and take lots of pictures, sharing it with their lovely fans.

Has Park Seong-hwa have a girlfriend? Is he currently dating someone? Let’s discover it 😉

Park Seong-hwa fiancée

Apparently, Seong-hwa doesn’t have a girlfriend or a fiancée and he preferes to focus on his musical career and to share his time with his friends, making dinner and travelling.

Park Seong-hwa Wiki/Bio

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Name Park Seong-hwa
Nickname Mars, Angry Bird
Profession Singer
Age 23
Birthday April 3rd, 1998
Birth Place Jinju, South Gyeongsang, South Korea
Nationality South Corean
Height 5 foot and 10 inches (1,75 cm)
Weight 134 lb (61 kg)
Eyes colour Dark brown
Hair colour Dark Brown
Shoe size 7.5 (USA)
Fiancée Single
Heritage $ 400.000 (USD)
Favorite Snack Jalapeno flavour potato chips
Kin Elder brother
Hobby Cleaning and cooking
Language Corean
Favorite Colour Black

Ateez musical group

Ateez, also known as KQ Fellaz, is a member group who was founded in the 2018 in Seul, the capital city of South Corea.

The band counts 8 members: Hongjoong, Seonghwa, Yunho, Yeosang, San, Mingi, Wooyoung e Jongho.

Seongwha is considered the ”mommy” of the band because he likes to clean and to tidy up everything.


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