Phrases to cheer up my girlfriend who is sad: messages to comfort

phrases to cheer up my girlfriend who is sad

Sincere words to support your partner in bad times

All people go through difficult times in their life sooner or later, and in those times, having the support of the person who loves you often makes it much more bearable and even easier to overcome. If your girlfriend is going through a delicate moment, if she is sad about a situation , if life is not turning out as expected or has bad days for a specific reason, it is important that you show empathy and support. Love is shown in the day to day , in the wonderful moments and in the difficult ones.

To help you, we propose these 19 phrases to cheer up your girlfriend and some tips to support her as she deserves. Take note!

How to support a person we love

When we support someone, we use our emotional intelligence and some capacities that we have developed throughout our lives, such as empathy, understanding or solidarity. It is important that we always keep in mind that emotional support is a support for our partner and, therefore, it is so important and key in their life, in the same way that it is for you. Trying to put ourselves in her place and listen actively , without judging and with a positive attitude to help find a solution, is essential for that emotional support to be really effective.

Phrases to encourage and comfort your partner in bad times

Sometimes just being there is enough, but generally the right words and intentions are often much more effective. In fact, a word of love and understanding can make all the difference in how your partner may feel about a problem. Sometimes we have a hard time finding the right words, so we want to help you a little with some phrases that you can use to support your girlfriend . Choose those phrases that make sense to you and with which you feel comfortable or comfortable to use with her. Keep in mind that the important thing is that they are sincere and honest .

1 Don’t worry, everything will be solved

When we are in a moment when everything looks cloudy and gray , it is always good for a positive person to see things with more confidence and tell us that everything will be fine.

2 Everything will be fine, you’ll see

A phrase similar to the previous one that works as a dose of tranquility. If your girlfriend sees that you trust her, that you know that in the end everything will be fine, then she will feel supported and perhaps begin to see the situation in the same way.

3 There are bad times when we feel down and I can understand why I myself have felt this way many times.

Making your girlfriend see that you understand her, that you’ve been through the same thing and that you can put yourself in her place is a way of being empathic with her while you can help her.

4 Surely this is something temporary, you will see how soon you will smile again and we can laugh together at this

Offering another perspective on the future, a future where you are together supporting each other, is another way to cheer up your girlfriend.

5 I am grateful for having you in my life, because you make me very happy

Let your love know that there are many other things in life besides the problem that he is facing. For example? How happy he makes you and what a wonderful life you have thanks to his company.

6 You are a person capable of overcoming everything, it is something that I have always admired about you, I know that you will achieve it and if you need support, I will be here

With this phrase you will reach out to your partner, but at the same time you will help him find his inner strength to move on.

7 Not everything depends on you, you always do what you can and give your best, that’s what I value the most about you

Valuing your girlfriend is important, because you will make her feel good. Your frustration may be due to wanting to solve everything and this phrase will help you to relativize while you feel valued.

8 Soon we will find the solution, I will be by your side so that together we can solve this

Involving yourself in her problem and being there to find the solution is also a wonderful way to support your girlfriend.

9 Maybe this time things did not turn out as you expected, but not for an instant did I lose faith in you

Let your partner know that you trust her and that you have always admired her for who she is and for her courage to face life and its obstacles.

10 It breaks my heart to see you so sad, but I want you to know that I will be with you until the end. You can count on me for whatever you need

A few words of encouragement may help her, tell her that you are saddened by her sadness and that you will be there when she feels ready to ask for help .

11 I fully understand what you’re going through, so if you need a shoulder to cry on, here I am. I love you

A first stage of sadness is crying and many times we need to cry to overcome a certain situation . Therefore, supporting your girlfriend to cry can be a way to help her a lot.

12 After the storm comes the calm. Always remember it, because I will be here both to protect you from the rain and to sunbathe

Show him your unconditional support in every moment of his life. Show her how much you love her.

13 I have always believed that you were special and now I keep thinking about it more. Special people grow up in tough times

Show your partner that you know how amazing and strong she is and that you admire her for how she is able to cope.

14 Search within yourself, I have seen it many times and I know that you can do everything you set your mind to. I love you and I admire you

Sometimes we just need to be reminded of what we are worth for ourselves to remember, right?

15 Trust your dreams and look forward, love. I trust you and that you can do it

Show her how much you trust her with this beautiful phrase that will help her boost her self-esteem .

16 Remember that you are not alone, I am by your side and with love we can overcome it and move forward

A perfect phrase when the couple goes through a problem together. Mutual support will make the relationship stronger.

17 You can tell me what you want, express all your emotions. I’ll be here to try to hold you and fall when necessary. I love you so much

Give your girlfriend enough space and confidence to express herself and ease her pain by doing so . This is one of the best ways to support it.

18 I know that you are going through difficult times in your life and I would like to help you in some way, what can I do for you?

Perhaps the best way to help your girlfriend is by asking her how you can help her, maybe she just needs a hug, you actively listen to her feelings or help her find a solution.

19 You know? Sometimes looking at things from another perspective can help us realize that there is always a solution and reasons to smile. If you want, I can help you to do it

Ask her if you can give her advice or a fresh look at her problem, you may see something positive that she cannot see right now due to her sadness.

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