Products that you should never use in a good love ritual

Products that you should never use in a good love ritual

The ties of love require a series of specific ingredients, such as tapes and satin strings, but there are many others that also can be used in spells and rituals . However, there are some things that it is not highly recommended to use when carrying out a love tie. We tell you what they are and why you should avoid them.

The ingredients that are best not to use to make moorings

+ Dark Candles: The candles are one of the ingredients most important for magic because they help us to focus the energy of the universe. However, it is better to avoid those that are dark in color, as they create negative energy that is not recommended.

+ Flowers : the flowers are essential for many spells, but in the moorings it is better not to use them (with some exceptions). It is one of the most delicate elements of nature and they are not effective to perform a magic as powerful as that required by the moorings.

+ Water : the same happens with water, its power is soft, delicate and inappropriate for a mooring to be effective . Another reason why you should not use water in your moorings is because in them, what is usually done as a gesture, is to ‘tie’ different objects together, and water cannot be used for that purpose.

+ Salt : in general, if the feeling that is projected when doing magic is of love, we should never use salt because it would reduce the effectiveness of the mooring. Instead, it is better to opt for sugar.

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