Scolekiphobia: what it is and how to deal with it


Do not confuse repulsion or rejection with phobia, something that sometimes occurs in the case of scolekiphobia or fear of worms . We are facing a phobic disorder towards an animal that may seem quite normal to us and that is not very limiting or dysfunctional, since it is not frequent to find worms. But that does not mean that it should not be treated. We tell you more about scolekiphobia in our dictionary of phobias .

Scolekiphobia: what it is and how to deal with it

Scolekiphobia is the fear of worms. It is true that these are animals that you would not have as a pet and that the further you have them, the better. It is true that it is common to feel some repulsion in the presence of worms, but aversion and rejection is not a phobic disorder.

People who suffer from scolekiphobia panic towards these animals because they perceive them as a danger. The origin of this fear has some logic, since worms are often found in food in bad condition or in areas where there is a lot of garbage. Pollution, bacteria or disease can be the main reasons for this fear.

Symptoms of Scolekiphobia

What happens to a person with scolekphobia? Who experiences all the symptoms of anxiety . From that initial nervousness or restlessness when the body is activated in the face of danger to the panic attack , passing through dizziness, shortness of breath, palpitations, tingling or feeling of unreality. All this for a worm?

All this for a phobic disorder that, although not very limiting, must be treated. It is true that your social life will not be reduced if you suffer from scolekiphobia, since it is not frequent to find worms in your day to day life. Nor will your work performance or your relationship suffer as with other phobias, but the presence of a phobia has consequences on a psychic level that must be repaired as soon as possible .

Because, what does a person who suffers from this phobia think? That person knows that their fear of worms is irrational and inordinate. And you would love not to have to avoid situations like a field trip by not encountering these animals. Deep down he knows that something happens in his mind to panic some animals that are actually harmless.

Causes of Scolekiphobia

Many phobias find their origin in childhood or in the past of the person who suffers them. Living in a traumatic situation that caused a great negative emotional charge in which there was the presence of worms is enough to develop this excessive terror and these reactions that to others may seem exaggerated.

Can you avoid the negative thoughts that worms generate? It can be done, but with the right treatment. Because having a phobia also indicates an anxiety disorder . This time it is fear of worms, but overwhelmed anxiety multiplies the fears, some more specific than others, some more irrational than others.

Treatment of Scolekiphobia

You can overcome your phobia with the help of psychotherapy. Do not try to do it at home on your own , because phobic disorders hide a background of distorted and intrusive thoughts that must be treated by a professional. Those thoughts that lead you to see danger in worms can be modified little by little with cognitive behavioral therapy .

This therapy, which is accompanied by techniques of gradual exposure to the stimulus that causes the phobia, will help you to transform the avoidance behavior as well. And, of course, relaxation techniques are always recommended to reduce anxiety and nervousness.

Written by Giorgia Stromeo

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