Sleeping well or badly influences dreams (and nightmares) a LOT

sleeping well or badly influences dreams and nightmares a lot

Sleep hygiene and its relationship to nightmares or dreams

Those nightmare nights are to forget. When you have a nightmare, you wake up more tired, you may even notice a certain nervousness that does not bode well for starting the day. We already know that there is nothing to worry about and that even from the worst dreams we can get something useful in its interpretation, but who would not like to always have pleasant dreams? Sleeping well or badly influences dreams and nightmares a lot,  so get ready to improve the quality of your sleep and also that of the content of your dreams .

How good or bad sleep influences your dreams

It is not the same to dream of violence , assaults, confinements, blood or murder than of a flower garden, the rainbow in all its splendor or the relaxing sound of a calm blue sea. Nor is it the same to get into bed and sleep soundly than to suffer from insomnia every night watching the hours go by and your thoughts get dizzy from so many laps you have given them.

By this we mean that sleeping well or badly influences a lot in dreams , in what you dream, in the character of your dreams and also in their meaning. If you are wondering what dreams depend on, we clarify it: what you dream depends on internal factors and external factors .

Among the internal factors we can highlight stress and anxiety as generators of turbulent, disturbing, terrifying dreams and those nightmares that are recorded in your mind and you cannot forget. Also of those vivid dreams that seem real and in which you appear in terrible and distressing situations. When you are in a difficult moment in life, you are more likely to have bad dreams because you sleep worse , you sleep with restlessness, you sleep with pressure, you sleep with nerves, you sleep with fear, you sleep with uncertainty.

But not only the mood influences the content of dreams, but also the environment in which you sleep . A room with a good temperature, colored sheets that inspire tranquility, a space without noise, a comfortable pillow and an even more comfortable mattress. If your partner snores or does not snore, if the bedroom is dark, if the environment has a pleasant aroma, if you have good sleep hygiene … all this influences when it comes to having more or less beautiful , more or less terrifying dreams .

The importance of sleeping well to have pleasant dreams

Sleeping well is not only a pleasure, it is also a real necessity . The quality of sleep influences how we approach the day and life in general. If you have ever suffered from insomnia, you surely know the physical and emotional consequences of sleeping badly. When you sleep badly, everything costs you more , you are more tired, with less spirit, with less strength, with less creativity, with fewer resources in the face of daily situations and with less enthusiasm.

That state of discouragement that comes from having a bad night is not worrisome. You will sleep tonight. What is worrisome is that poor sleep is maintained over time, leading to insomnia or other sleep disorders, since the quality of sleep has a direct impact on health . We talk about physical health but also mental health and emotional health.

And dreams arise from emotions, so if you want to have beautiful and pleasant dreams , nothing better than to start worrying about your sleep hygiene , having regular sleep times, surrounding yourself with all the comforts you need to sleep, for create a sanctuary of health and tranquility in your bedroom, by leaving worries out of bed so that they do not carry over to your dreams. Because sleeping well is necessary to wake up with energy and vitality and if by the way we can take advantage of it to enjoy dreams, much better.


Written by Giorgia Stromeo

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