Spells to be friends forever

spells to be friends forever

The spells friendship is a kind of love spells as special. If you want your friendship with a specific person or with a group to last forever, this is the spell you must perform. It is very easy to do and it will help you to overcome all the escoyos that cross your paths.

How to make a spell to be friends forever

To perform this spell you need a photograph, printed on folio paper , in which you and the people with whom you want to seal your friendship appear. They can be from one to 100, it  depends only on you. You will have to make as many copies of the photo as people you want to include in this spell, because once done you will have to give them to everyone. In addition, you also need the same number of white envelopes as photographs, a jasmine incense stick, a vanilla candle and a green jade.

Put each photograph in an envelope and stack one on top of the other. Leave them on the table where you are going to perform the spell and place the jade on top. Light the incense stick and, with it, the candle. Now recite: ‘(Say the names of all your friends) and I are friends and until death we will be. Mother Earth seals our friendship with this spell to make it eternal. ‘

Blow out the candle and let the incense burn . Distribute the photographs among your friends when you see them and before that happens, leave them under the jade, including yours, which will be the last. When they are all in the hands of your friends, you should keep yours in a box with the stone on top.

Written by Giorgia Stromeo

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