The different meanings of dreaming about chickens

the different meanings of dreaming about chickens

Many nights you dream of animals and each one of them symbolizes a different aspect of your life. In the case of dreaming about chickens, the interpretation refers to your family relationships, but also to your financial situation. Discover in our dream dictionary what it means to dream of chickens .

The symbolism of chickens in dreams

We have wondered what chickens symbolize in dreams and, despite their appearance that may be disturbing to some people, they are not dangerous animals from the dream point of view, such as lice or mosquitoes. There are two fundamental aspects that you must take into account when it comes to understanding the meaning of your dreams with chickens .

On the one hand, the chickens you dream of represent your family relationships . You may find it easier to understand if you visualize a few hens clucking and running around neither together nor separately in the same enclosure. Sometimes they bite each other, sometimes they get angry, as you also argue with yours. But at the end of the day, everything seems settled and calm.

On the other hand, those eggs that chickens lay in your dreams represent economic prosperity . Dreaming of chickens that lay eggs speaks of good luck in business, job stability or meeting goals that you have set for yourself . So make sure that the chickens you dream of lay many eggs even if they are not made of gold.

Related to these two aspects of family and money, we find negative interpretations if the chickens you dream of appear dead, if you kill them yourself or even if the dream suddenly turns into a nightmare because they are attacking you. If that is your dream, prepare all your strength because family and financial problems are coming.

The different meanings of dreaming about chickens

The general lines of the interpretation of dreams with chickens go around, by family and by work, but we find different meanings depending on what happens in the dream and according to your life context.

+ Dreaming that chickens are biting you

This dream in which some chickens peck at you responds to a moment of great stress . You may be accepting more responsibilities than you can handle, although the dream may also refer to certain betrayals of friends and family , of close people who are failing you.

+ Dream of dead chickens

As you can imagine, there are bad omens in this dream with dead chickens , although it is not that it is premonitory. Dead chickens can symbolize those work projects that have not gone ahead and also a great disappointment , work, love, family or social; or even vital, like when you have set too high expectations on something and then it all goes away.

+ Dreaming that you kill chickens

This can become a nightmare depending on the degree of violence that appears in the dream. In principle, you kill the chickens because they have previously attacked you and that you kill them is positive, because you are killing everything that hurt you . By transferring it to your personal life, you will see that you feel liberated, but that the task has not been exactly pleasant.

+ Dreaming that chickens lay many eggs

It is one of the best dreams you can have related to chickens. Even if you dream of the famous golden eggs, you do not need to focus the interpretation on the economic aspect . You may indeed be about to enter a time of financial prosperity, but remember that prosperity and well-being are not just about money. You can also take those eggs as very useful emotional resources to feel better, as healthier relationships, as a lot of new projects or as a large number of illusions that are about to come into your life.

+ Dreaming that hens’ eggs are in bad condition

On the contrary, disappointment and frustration are the protagonists of this dream in which you go to look for the eggs in the henhouse and find them broken or in poor condition. You were going for something and you come back empty handed, is this how you feel in life when you wake up? The dream may be indicating a low tolerance for frustration , but it may also be warning you as a premonition that times come to your life when you have nothing guaranteed .

+ Dreaming that you have a chicken as a pet

In this dream the most familiar aspect of chickens appears and is indicating that you need company . More company than you have, perhaps because you would like to live with someone, perhaps because you would need more social life, or it may be a need to get closer to your family.

+ Dreaming that you feed the chickens

The dream is a most country scene. There you are standing in your chicken coop with all the chickens around you waiting for you to bring something to eat. You like to take charge, take care of everything and attend to the smallest detail . You may be a perfectionist and careful person to the extreme, so be careful, because if in your dream the chickens get nervous and make more noise than usual, it is because you are crossing that line in which self-demand leads you to want to do everything already be everywhere.

+ Dreaming that chickens speak to you

What do chickens say to you in dreams? When animals speak to you in dreams, you have to pay close attention to the conversation. Although sometimes a conversation as such does not occur but you simply see yourself in a scene talking to the chickens. In this case, there is something in your environment that is escaping you and you must find out what it is.

+ Dream that you are a chicken

Many dreams with animals end in a kind of metamorphosis in which you feel like a chicken . If you know a little about these animals you can understand what they are about. Chickens as protectors of their chicks indicate that you like to take care of others . Instead, eggs-laying chickens and other hands reaching out to take them indicate that someone is taking advantage of you . And to know which of these two very different meanings your dream is referring to, you will have to attend to the emotions it transmits to you.

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